Down in the Boondocks

A place only Kermit the Frog could love, Valverde Marshes is a dingy
swamp that not only makes navigation challenging but is filled with
hundreds of Bane infantry. Ten Ton Hammer moves through this boggy zone
and looks at all the places you'll want to stop and grab a few
missions. Don't get caught stepping on a sleeping Maw, check out our

It seems every good Science Fiction game has a swampy
area and Tabula
Rasa is no exception to the rule. Filled with more slime and goo than a
Ghostbusters movie, the Valverede Marshes would make even Yoda
comfortable in it's grimy environment. Unlike Dagobah, this zone is
packed to the brim with Bane infantry and the center of not only Logos
research but a major fuel operation.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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