Nature at its Best...and
Danger at its Worst

Filled with more streams and waterfalls than a Hidden Valley Salad
Dressing commercial, the Valverde Pools offers beauty with hidden
danger (much like real salad). Join Ten Ton Hammer as we tour this
incredible zone showing you AFS and Retread facilities, instances, Bane
strongholds, and anywhere else you might want to visit. While we can't
promise you won't encounter salad elsewhere, all you'll find with us is
a complete list of Logos locations.

After a few levels Tabula Rasa's flat and war torn
Plateau, perhaps
it's time to get back to nature the way the Eloh intended. Enough with
the jagged rocks, vast canyons, and heavy Bane patrols already, let's
move to an area that is more hospitable and relaxing. The Valverde
Pools zone is a masterful medley of rolling hills, babbling streams,
and a Bane Weapon Test Range. What? You really didn't see that coming?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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