All Your Twin Pillars
Base Are Belong to Us

Providing the most secure area in the Concordia Wilderness, the Twin
Pillars base not only has a dropship, teleporter, and merchants but a
number of interesting missions for you to complete.  We've
recently revamped our entire guide providing you every bit of current
and accurate information needed to finish every objective. 
Which path should you choose for the ethical parable, and which Logos
are available in this area?  Check out our guide to find out.

Located east of Imperial Valley, Twin Pillars towers
over the passage
to Concordia Divide like an ominous fortress. This AFS base, is easily
the most secure position in the entire zone boasting two layers of
forcefields, vendors, and footlockers. This area also contains the
dropship pad for the zone meaning if you fast travel from other areas
of Foreas like Divide or Palisades you'll end up here on a regular
basis. The missions in this area are designed for players level 8-10
and will take you to places like Ranja Gorge and the Memory Tree.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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