Uncovering the Secrets of
a Secret Research Facility

The Bane have taken over a secret research facility and it's up to you
and your squad to throw them out. What trickery awaits you in
this base? Machina, Predators, and countless infantry will
hinder you from completing plenty of mission objectives. Ten
Ton Hammer's Tabula Rasa team has revamped our guide to this
early instance, which provides a steady walkthrough that even includes
the Logos locations. Don't wander Crater Lake in circles; let
us help.

The Crater Lake Research facility is the Area 51 of
the AFS, housing
classified military research of the highest importance. Logos studies
lead by Medical Officer Caspar could possibly provide significantly
powerful equipment to use against our enemies. Unfortunately, Crater
Lake has fallen into Bane hands and the fate of Officer Caspar and
crucial research data is unknown at this time. You and your squad will
rendezvous with Captain Velns's infiltration team and retrieve any
classified data you find. You are also to locate Caspar and gather
intelligence on Bane activity. The codename for this operations is

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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