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Among the continual conflict of Tabula Rasa's Wilderness, the native
Foreans live among the trees providing logistic and military support to
AFS infantry. Among these fine folks in Daghda's Urn you'll
not only find relative but a few missions well worth
completing. Ten Ton Hammer has tweaked it's guide to this area
to provide you with even more information than before.

In the northwestern quadrant of the Concordia
Wilderness sits the
largest Forean village on the planet, a home among the trees, Daghda's
Urn. This sprawling settlement contains not only the ruling body of
Foreans but a few Corman facilities which will meet your basic needs.
Not only will you find a transporter and vendor here, but a number of
missions are available for those willing to serve. Many of these
mission provide substantially nice rewards for your efforts.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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