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  • What are the system specs?

    Minimum System

        * Microsoft Windows XP SP2

        * 2.8GHz CPU or equivalent

        * 1GB RAM

        * NVIDIA 5900 Ultra with 128MB RAM / ATI x700 with 128MB

    RAM or higher

        * 15GB Hard Disc space

        * DVD-ROM drive

        * Direct X 9.0c (6/2008 update)

        * Sound Device

        * Broadband Internet Connection

    Recommended Specs:

        * Microsoft Windows XP SP2 / Vista

        * Dual Core CPU 2.0GHz or equivalent

        * 2 GB RAM

        * NVIDIA 6800 with 256MB RAM / ATI x800 with 256MB or


        * 15GB Hard Disk Space

        * DVD-ROM drive

        * Direct X 9.0c (6/2008 update)

        * Sound Device

        * Broadband Internet Connection




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  • How do I create a guild?

    For Elyos, go to Sanctum and speak with the Legion

    Administration office. There you can create/disband legions, or level

    legions. For Asmodians you would go to Pandaemonium and find the Legion

    Administration Office there. Minimum requirements for a level 1 legion are:

    10K Kina.

  • How do I find my friends in game?

    Utilize the search feature, the default key for the social tab

    is "v". You can do various other things in that window like view your current

    friends list/add friends, or even block people when the need arises.

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  • When does the game launch?

    North American Launch - September 22, 2009

    Australia and New Zealand Launch - September 23, 2009

    Europe Launch - September 25, 2009

  • What is the level cap?

    The level cap is currently set at level 50.

  • Is there a lot of character maintenance required? Do I always

    have to carry 2000 reagants and repair my gear?

    Gear does not require repair and but reagents are needed for

    various skills such as the standard "herb treatment". This line of skills

    allows you to consume a low cost material to heal yourself. This skill is

    often better than the bandage and does update as you grow in level.

  • I tend to die a lot. What's the penalty for death?

    In PvE, a death to a monster will cost you a small chunk of

    experience points and a trip back to your bind point if you don't have a

    resurrection at the ready. You'll be out of commission with resurrection

    sickness for a few minutes, but you can buy your freedom as well as your

    experience with the Soul Healer merchant nearby. It can get expensive, but

    time is money!

  • I signed up for this to be an angel! Where are my wings?

    Relax, you get them at level 10. You can use them at any time

    with a quick double jump in the air to glide. You can use this to move

    quickly down hilly terrain or save yourself from fall damage. They take some

    serious time to recover, so use them wisely!

  • Are my character's skills and attributes very customizable? Can

    I create the sort of character I want to play within my given class?

    Yes! The Stigma System is Aion's way of giving players the power

    to add skills to their arsenal that benefit they way they play. Stigma Stones

    can be acquired after level 20 and these stones are imbued with skills of

    varying powers. A Gladiator, for example, can choose stones that give him

    healing powers or various debuffs and AoEs. Greater Stigma Stones are more

    powerful, but also more rare. Your character only has a limited amount of

    stigma slots though, so you need to choose your stones wisely.

  • How does Aion's flight change the way the game is played?

    Flight adds another dimension to combat. No longer are we bound

    to the rules of the ground as we can take flight and force our foes to step

    up their game and find more creative ways to take us in combat. You will find

    that some skills are more adept to aerial combat and PvP becomes a whole new

    ballgame when this new level of movement is used.

  • How does crafting work? Are there any limitations to what I can


    Pretty simple, you grab your materials and head to a work

    station to make your magic. You can take any trade skill to a fairly potent

    level, and even all of them. The 1.5 update made room for crafters to become

    an expert at two crafting professions.

  • Regardless of server choice, are there some areas where I'm

    forced to flag for PvP, or am I completely safe from other players?

    Because Aion is a PvP game, you really aren't completely safe

    anywhere after level 20. PvE players will want to avoid the Abyss, but

    enemies can still invade your lands via rifts and attack you. There are

    penalties for players who do this often and against lower level players.

  • What if I don't like PvP? Will I be forced to PvP after a

    certain level?

    Since there is a hard level cap and next to no PvE exclusive

    content, in a word, yes. You will be forced to PvP to progress and enjoy

    yourself in the end game. This is something a lot of people are afraid of,

    but relax. You'll be eased into PvP in this game since the Abyss access and

    Rifts start in the mid 20's.

  • At what level can you start PvP?

    You can duel at any level and you may wander into the opposing

    faction's area at level 20, but the real fun begins at level 25 when you can

    finally enter the Abyss for faction versus faction gameplay.

  • Is Aion well-suited for the casual gamer?

    When logged off, you'll accumulate a similar style of rest

    experience to other games. This'll help you out so when you are online and

    killing, you can have a little boost to help bridge that gap of those who

    play 12 hours a day. It's not much, but every little bit helps when you don't

    take it seriously (after all, it's just a game!)

  • Can I solo? For how long is soloing viable?

    If you don't mind missing out on Campaigns (think zone-

    progression type quests), you can solo forever. You'll need to do some more

    mob grinding than anyone else, significantly, but if you don't mind it or

    can't stand others it's totally possible!

  • Which is better? Elyos or Asmodian?

    Play who you want to play. There are differences in some DP

    moves for instance, but typically it's not major or gamebreaking. You can be

    the best as either side.

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