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If you are new to href="">the Lord of the Rings
, the Champion is an ideal choice for a
first character. This is the class to play if you enjoy charging into
the fray with
reckless abandon and swinging wildly at everything that moves. They are
incredibly easy to "pick up and play," do not require meticulous
planning or strategy at low levels, and play in a consistent, even
manner throughout the character's career. As the game progresses and
the character becomes more powerful, the style of play remains the
same, and they do not suffer the same jarring focus-shift when making
the transition from solo to group play that many other classes do.
Champion is a tough, aggressive class, and very fun to play.

Check out href="">Ten
Ton Hammer's All-New Champion Class Guide Overview for an
introduction to this versatile class, and read on through for tips on
solo, group and PvMP play, and endgame strategies that could change
your game.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016