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is a big place, and it keeps getting bigger as new content packages are
added to the Lord of the Rings Online. With the recent announcement that
new updates would be decoupled from the epic quest line updates, new
areas and quest packs can be added regularly. But as the world
grows and new players join in, many for the first time and with little
or no previous knowledge of the game or the setting, the progression
from start to finish can be a bit confusing. The game does not advance
in a straight line; moving from one area to the next adjacent region
can see massive leaps in mob levels. So the question often arises:
"Where should I be questing at my level?"

We have the answers in Ten Ton Hammer's Beginner's Guide for LotRO - Where Should I Be Questing At My Level? Find out where you want to be from raw noob to level-capped pro and all levels in between.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016