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The Misty Mountains define the eastern edge of Eriador,
separating that land from Rhovanion from the frozen wastes of Forochel
in the north all the way to the Gap of Rohan in the south. Of that
great expanse of rugged, forbidding heights, only one small section of
the range enters play in the
Lord of the Rings Online
- the passes to
the northeast of Rivendell, where a company of Dwarves and their Hobbit
burglar passed through on their way to the Lonely Mountain far to the
east, accidentally setting off a chain of events that lead directly to
the War of the Ring and the end of the Third Age.

what's the deal with Helegrod? How do you find your way around the
twisting, multileveled tunnels of Goblin-town? What is there to do in
the Misty Mountains besides Helegrod and Goblin-town? Read on, brave
adventurer - these questions and more are answered in href="">Ten
Ton Hammer's Guide to the Misty Mountains.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016