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The North Downs, once the seat of a great Arthedain kingdom
and populated by knights and kings until the fall of Fornost, is all
that stands between the men of Bree-land in the south and the terrible
forces of Angmar in the northeast. Once a great and glorious land, long
before the current Late Third Age setting of href="">the Lord of the
, it
is now settled by farmers, rangers, orcs and savage hillmen, and only
traces of its former glory remain, guarded closely by the Rangers of

So what's in store for the player venturing into the North
Downs? What's all this noise about Fornost and Dol Dinen? Where should
you be questing at level 25? How do you earn standing with he Rangers
of Esteldin? All these questions and more are answered in href="">Ten
Ton Hammer's
Guide to the North Downs.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016