Section 2.6 - Ossirian the Unscarred

Ossirian is the sixth and final boss in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20) and is a Anubis-like construct. The fight occurs in a room full of crystal that
respawn and play an important part in the fight. It is again a very different fight from most in other instances. This fight can be very difficult until
you get the timing and strategies correct. The two guilds I have defeated him with, both thought he was harder than the MC bosses (with the exception of
Domo and Rag) and probably harder than the first half of BWL. Once we got the game plan correct though, he goes down without much trouble.


Supreme (God) Mode - Ossirian starts the fight in Supreme mode and will re-enter it when he is given the chance. In supreme more he
can hit for over 10,000 damage, which usually instant kills players. To remove supreme mode you must activate a crystal next to him. He will gain a
debuff that makes him fight normally and become weak to a school of magic for 45 seconds.

Curse of Tongues - Ossirian has an AOE curse of tongues that increases your casting time by 50%.

Warstomp - This is a small AOE (essentially just larger than melee range) attack that hits for roughly 1000 damage and knocks
players in the AOE back causing additional fall damage of roughly 600.

Enveloping Winds- This attack is targeted against the person highest on the aggro list, usually the Main Tank. It causes an 8
second stun and a loss of aggro until the spell fades.

Ossirian's Room

There are several key features of Ossirian's room that must be taken into consideration when fighting him. The first is the the crystals that must be
destroyed to debuff Ossirian (discussed in the strategy section) and the second is the roaming Tornados. As soon as Ossirian is attacked, several
tornados spawn and move around the room. You must avoid these while still dealing with Ossirian. If you are caught by one you will be killed very
quickly by its damage.


The fight is fairly simple in theory, but difficult to execute until you get some experience. It can be broken down simply to the following steps:

  • Have someone ride around on their mount looking for the next crystal
  • Have the tank lead Ossirian to it
  • When Ossirian gets there have someone activate the crystal and it will debuff
  • Rinse and repeat...

If only it were exactly that easy though...

The fight needs a few pre-assigned people to do the following tasks: Main Tank (Duh!), Off Tank, Crystal Finder and a Crystal Activator.

The person assigned to find crystals needs to spend the whole fight mounted and should have an epic mount. Their sole job is to find the next crystal
that pops up and then let the raid know where it is. This is usually done by pinging the mini-map and letting everyone know a direction on voice chat.
It is usually best to work in a single direction (like you do for Buru), either clockwise or counter-clockwise. If done randomly you may have some
extremely long runs from one crystal to another.

The player activating the crystals needs to run ahead of the main group as soon as the next crystal is found and be ready to activate it as soon as
Ossirian gets there. It does take about 3 seconds to activate so do not wait for the last possible second to click it if Ossirian's debuff is about to
expire. When the debuff is on Ossirian the activator should call out which spell damage Ossirian has become vulnerable to. His resistance to spells of
this type drops significantly and all casters should try to focus on that type of damage.

The main tank and off tanks jobs are to tank Ossirian (obviously), but also to lead him around to the crystals as they are identified. This can be
complicated by the wandering tornados in the room and by Ossirians enveloping winds spell. Enveloping Winds combined with Ossirian's 1-shot kill ability
while debuffed is why you should always run with an off tank. If the main tank is stunned or killed he losses aggro and Ossirian will head back towards
the party and away from the next crystal. Ossirian will then loss the debuff and start 1-shotting all of the players, leading to a fast wipe.

To start the fight, it is best to get someone other than the tank (someone expendable) to pull Ossirian towards the first crystal. You should have
all 4 main players near there to start the fight. As soon as Ossirian is in range, the activator can debuff him with the crystal and the tank can grab
aggro. All players can then start their assigned tasks. Once the main tank has firm control he can announce that others can start doing DPS.

Most of the DPS in this fight is done with ranged DPS, although you can also use melee DPS. The issue with melee DPS is Ossirians warstomp ability,
causing roughly 1500 damage to everyone in range. If the healers attempt to heal everyone they will run out of mana before the end of the fight. The
way I have seen melee DPS work is they use pots, bandages and down time to manage their own health. This means they are running at about 50% up time.
If you find that you have extra healers, using melee DPS all the time can speed up the fight.

Once you have the rhythm down, and can haul him around the room while ignoring the tornados the fight become easy. LONG but easy. With ranged DPS
only it normally takes about 8 minutes to kill him. I have seen him go down in a little less than 5 with melee DPS involves and lots of healers, but
that is a rarity.


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