The Bone-Bladed
Claymore - Heritage Quest for the 2-hand sword Bone-Bladed


First of all, the minimum
level to start this quest is 40. Also, you have to have started the access quest
to Tomb of Valor,  href="">A
Key to the Past which you most likely have already completed due to its
being required for the href="">Ghoulbane
quest. Enter Stormhold and make your way to the spiral staircase (-156, +6,
-96). Reach up and grab the giant glowing sword suspended overhead. Now examine
the Inert Bone-Bladed Claymore in your inventory. You will be tasked with
killing Opalla (remember him from EQ?). 

   Head for
Blackburrow with a group. Enter the main tunnel and head for the bridge. Be
ready as soon as you cross said bridge; Opalla is a triggered spawn, usually in
the farthest research room south of the bridge, but he can show up anytime
between the bridge and the doorway. He is level 42^^ and fast. Kill him and
re-examine the sword. Your next task is to eliminate the Troll warrior

   Return to Stormhold and head for the Chapel. The
easiest way to get there is to go to the staircase where you obtained the Inert
BBC,  go out into the hallway to the room with multiple doors, and take the
door to your left.  This will lead down to the bottom where the path splits
at a flooded spot at a low point.  You will need to take the path to your
right; follow it to where the Cavaliers spawn, then go up the staircase and find
the hall that surrounds the room. Follow this to a door on your right . 
This will be the chapel, and you will find Redak inside; he is 44^^ and hits
very hard. Make sure you have a good group for this stage. Kill him and
re-examine the blade.

  Now you will be tasked with reforging the
hilt and blade. This is the part which stymies a lot of players; as of this
writing it requires an ebon CLUSTER to accomplish this. No other ebon rare will
do, not disk, coin, or refined bar. It HAS to be a cluster.  The price to
buy one is way too high due to the demand; 3.5 plat is the going rate on Oggok
at the moment. You can mine in Tier 5 zones but be advised that the Ebon cluster
is extremely rare and you may literally mine hundreds if not thousands of
fulginate clusters in your attempt to find that elusive Ebon. Here's to hoping
the Devs change the rules to include any ebon item being

    Assuming you finally got your ebon cluster,
take the sword to Runnyeye.  Go through the zone until you cross the
bridge. In the next room you will see a bunch of goblins and an archway. Enter
the archway and you should see the room with forging equipment.  The forge
you are interested in lies behind a small divider wall.  When you find that
one, you can use the Ebon cluster to reforge the sword. WARNING: Once you do
this, you will be persona non grata in BOTH Qeynos and Freeport. This means your
gate spell will NOT work until you have completed the next task. Also if you try
to enter town on foot you will get an error message.  Ready? Go ahead and
forge the BBC.  Now re-examine the sword and it will spark your bloodlust.
You must kill 1000 (one thousand) sentient creatures (non animal beings). 

    You can go to any zone to do this; most Qeynosians
use the Caltorsis ruins as a good source of fast-spawning low level skeletons
and zombies. I got my 1000 mobs in around 2 hours as a Paladin.  I had some
assistance from an Illusionist for the second half of the kills. Freeporters may
find the Graveyard or Sprawl a great place to finish off the 1000 mobs; there
are plenty of low level sentient mobs in both zones. When you have discharged
your debt to society, re-examine the sword.

where you picked up the sword in the first place? That's right; the spiral
staircase in Stormhold is the location of your last challenge. Head there with a
good group to fight Gynok Moltar. He is level 47^^.  As soon as you enter
the room he spawns; defeat this challenging mob and then re-examine the sword
one final time.

   Congratulations on your new weapon! If you
have completed the Berik's Revenge quest and have your Berik, Sword of 
Thunder with you, then you will get an option to strike the BBC with the Berik
sword to create the Electrified Bone-Bladed Claymore. Otherwise you simply
accept your Bone-Bladed Claymore. Warriors and Crusaders will be able to equip
this sword at level 42.

Stats: BBC: 5 INT 8 STA 10 AGI 10 STR 54 health
54 power, damage rating 50.0, delay 2.3 seconds.

Stats: EBBC: 5 INT 10
STA 10 AGI 10 STR 57 health 56 power, damage rating 52.5, delay 2.3 seconds. 5%
chance to cast Thunder Strike proc on target; 44-54 damage.

You will gain
58,500 personal SP from this quest.

Enjoy your new

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016