The Botanica Gallery

The Botanica is the second wing of the Tempest Keep and it's located north of the main palace in the blue crystal building. Like the other instances in the Tempest Keep, this is a rather tough one and you'll need a full party and a good bit of wit and daring to survive the instance alive! In it High Botanist Freywinn awaits, with one of the more unique boss fights in the game! And should you make it all the way to the end, Warp Splinter is waiting for you.

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Getting Started

Don't step of the Bridge

Fighting Commander Sarannis

Commander Sarannis

Commander Serannis's Loot

High Botanist Freywinn

In Combat with High Botanist Freywinn

One of the Elemental MOBs in the instance

Some of the annoying MOB groups mid instance

Who cleans all the glass in this place?

Thorgrin the Tender

Skipping Thorgrin the Tender

Almost to Laj's room


Fighting Laj

Laj's room looking at Warp Splinter

About to engage Warp Splinter

Warp Splinter, splintered


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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