The D'Vinnian Throne Room

Mini Zone Guide

Guide By: Savanja

Nestled deep within Crushbone Keep, up on the second level you will find the D'Vinnian Throne Room. This is a level 30-35 heroic instanced zone, packed with mobs and a few named! This is where you want to go if you wish to take on the formidable Vindicator Crush! The key to getting through this zone is the keys! Most doors are locked, so you'll need to know who to kill to be able to progress.

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Greetings from Elizara

Speak with the lovely dark elf, Lady Elizara, in the entrance, who will mock you and tell you that you're going to die, the usual dark elf diatribe. Once you are finished with her, she summons two mobs that will immediately attack you. At this point, you can either clear everything within your grasp, or do things the quick and easy way! I can't kill the mobs for you, but I can tell you the needed steps to make your way through this zone, and that's what you will find in this guide.

Make your way through the one of the doors and down the halls. You'll find the Elite Training Post, and here you will find a watchful sentry (loc 57, -6, -15). Kill this guy to get his key! You'll want to open the door at the end of the long hall, down the stairs (loc -41, -9, -67) This will bring you into the Necromantic Chamber. Oooh..Ominous!. There is another watchful sentry (loc -68, -9, -59) in the room, and you need to kill him to get through the other door in the room. Follow the hall down, and at the end you will see a movable wall (loc -64, -9, -162), go through it!

You've now made your way into a Training Room. The named in this room is Ograf the Deft, and you'll need to kill him as well to progress through the zone. Ograf drops another key that opens the door (loc -18, -9, -142) that ends the hall going to the west from the Training Room. This brings you to the Inner Guard, and another named. Slay General V'Narr and his lieutenants. Surprise, surprise..the general was carrying a key too! These guys really need to be more careful with their keys.

You'll use that key to unlock the door that was directly behind the general (loc 26, -9, -96), you'll go through another movable wall, then into a small room with another watchful sentry. Kill this guy for his key! You'll head back into the Inner Guard and use the key to unlock the door just north of the hall you just came out of. Follow this hall into the final Throne Room!

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The Great Crush!

Throne protectors will jump you when you approach the throne. Kill those guys and D'Vinn will bring in Vindicator Crush to beat you down! He's a level 35^^^ and very mean looking! But he's not a particularly difficult kill, so good luck to you!

Once you've defeated Vindicator Crush, Emperor D'Vinn will flee and you won't be seeing him again until you are much higher in level, as he is now hiding out in the zone above Crushbone Keep, the Acadechsim.


If you have any questions or additions to this zone guide, please feel free to e-mail me!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016