The Drowned Caverns: Arena of Heroes

The Splitpaw Saga is a adventure pack that has zones that scale in level between
levels 20-50.  The arenas inside Splitpaw can be done in either a solo or
heroic instance and both are fairly challenging to complete, and the Arena of
Heroes is the heroic instance of the arena.

You first need to hail Fip Slytail for the event to
begin.  And again, you'll want to be sure to rest up between each
fight!  The arena mob levels come from the average level of your group, and
some are definitely tougher than others.

There heroic arena mobs:

  • double up heroic - a frenzied cavern lizard
  • triple up heroic - a ravenous tunnel feeder
  • triple up named heroic - Grunk "Priest Eater" Smashsnout
  • double up heroic - a captured evil eye
  • triple up heroic - a zygomyd decay sower
  • triple up named heroic - The Murk double up duo heroic - Stratus and Stormbrow
  • single up trio heroic - an arena wolf
  • triple up named heroic - Banetooth Splitclaw

Most of these mobs are pretty straight forward.  The only ones I had
difficulty with are the tricksy Murk and the final mob, who can be pretty tough.

The Murk spawns with a couple friends looking on called "shadowy
observer".  These sneaky little things will disappear a little bit
into the fight and Murk minions will appear.  They hide around the ledge of
the arena area and whenever the Murk's life reaches about 50%, one will toss a
spell at the Murk, healing him completely, then the minion will fall over
dead.  There are about 5 or 6 of these things, so if you don't get them
taken care of, either by sending someone around to kill them, or getting them
with AoEs, the fight can end up being an unnecessarily long one.

For Banetooth Splitclaw, stuns and debuffs are your friend!  He's a
tough fight, but with recent changes he's gotten a bit easier and a good, well
organized group should have no real troubles taking him down.

Once you have slain all the mobs, including the mean ole Splitclaw, you hair
Fip again get your reward, which ends up being various items and a pet for
your home.  To be honest, I don't find the loot that comes from the arenas
to be all that great, but the experience is very nice!

Good luck and have fun!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016