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  • Guide by - Savanja

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  • Overview
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  • Connecting Zones
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The Fens of Nathsar is a land the retains an amazing amount of the remnants of the past. With iksar relics scattered about and the famous Lake of Ill Omen taking it's prominent place in Norrath once again, there is no shortage of nostalgia here!

This is a huge zone, added with the Rise of Kunark expansion, and it has so much to do for the adventurer. I spent a good portion of my time between levels 72 to 78 questing in this zone and I'm still fairly certain there are tons of quests that I never got around to! Once you get here, your first order of business is to get most of those sokokar posts found or you'll be spending an awful lot of time running across zone, especially when questing. Then you'll want to visit the major factions and do a quest or two for them so you aren't fighting off more mobs than you need to in your travels. Faction matters here, especially if you don't want to call home everytime you need a mend or to sell. Pick a faction and do your very best to make nice and it'll make your time in the Fens all the better.


Minimum Level

I wouldn't wonder into this zone until you are in your late 60s. Fens of Nathsar is mostly geared to the early to mid 70s, and would be most beneficial during those levels.


Connecting Zones

Fens of Nathsar is connected to Kylong Plains and Kunzar Jungle. Within Fens of Nathsar, you'll find the epic zone the Tomb of Thuuga (beneath Sathir's Span).



There are more quests in Fens of Nathsar than I could possibly list here, but I can give you a starting point for each faction. Once you learn the lay of the land and get to know the various mob locations, doing these quests gets much easier. Be sure to travel around to the various camps and factions to find quests, and if intend to be doing your level 80 epic weapon quests, do a little research ahead of time to see if there are any factions here you will need.

Sathir's Span:

  • Crystal Gardeners (level 72) - Speak with Observer Gilx found just off the northern ramp of Sathir's Span for a task to gather crystals from the crystal whispers. These are found northeast of Gilx up the hillside. This is a good initial quest to do to gain enough faction with Riliss so the road guards don't attack you.
  • Veksar Rising? (level 72) - Get this quest from Loreseeker Xeksin. Gather fragments from the ruins at Lake of Ill Omen. The ruins are found west along the coast from Sathir's Span and the fragments will be in various locations around the ruins. Careful of the many Yha-lei that reside there!
  • Best of Buds (level 72) - Trader Desthir gives you a task to kill frog-biters for their buds. Frog-biters are found in the Swamp of No Hope in the southwest area of Sathir's Span.
  • Behind the Lines (level 72) - Span Captain Zilxx sends you to kill Bathezid outriders. These are found along the road from Sathir's Span going back towards Kylong Plains.
  • Fishy Magic (level 72) - Researcher Teksi has you kill Yha-lei hydromancers. The hydromancers are found in the ruins west along the coast from Sathir's Span.
  • Frog Stew (level 73) - Pen Keeper Valjik asks you to kill carrion recluse which are found in Swamp of No Hope near the Western and Eastern Pens areas around rocks and trees. Dragonhawks are found along the road between West Pens and East Pens. The spotted budlings are ground spawns around mushroom clusters near the swamp waters.
  • An Apprentice's Plea (level 73) - This quest comes from Apprentice Trainer Hasika. She asks you to kill needletails from the swamp. Take the sokokar to Western Pens and you'll find plenty around the swamp.

Bathezid Watch:

  • Favor of the Di'Zok (level 71) - This quest comes from Outride Kelgyn found along the road to Bathezid Watch from the Kylong Plains sokokar. You'll need to do this quest first if you want to be able to earn faction within Bathezid. Kelgyn sends you to kill Yha-lei fishmen to gain favor with the Di'Zok. The fishmen are found just below in the ruins at Lake of Ill Omen.
  • Toothy Maws (level 71) - Conscript Vitaliz sends you to kill sabertooth scufflers for their fangs. The scufflers can be found along the road to Sathir's Span.
  • Watchful Eyes (level 72) - Dragoon Linzinek asks you to collect reports from the vanguard. These vanguard can be found up and down the road between Kylong Plains and Riliss. They are non-attackable NPCs and will respawn after a while after you've hailed them, so if you don't get them all the first pass, you can always got back and wait them out. This quest is repeatable!
  • Scouting for Scouts (level 72) - Dragoon Tiwin gives this as the first quest in a series. You will need to find the fallen scouts. These guys are laying on the ground off the road between Bathezid Watch and Sathir's Span.
  • Advancing on the Advancers (level 72) - Legionnaire Captain Valkan asks you to kill Rilissian advancers. You may find these alongside the road going to Sathir's Span.
  • Last Minute Reprieve (level 72) - Conscript Chrydok sends you to set free captured Sarnak conscripts. These are found at each of the two towers between Kylong Plains and Sathir's Span.

Omens Call:

  • Murderous Thugs (level 73) - Auleren Faithheart asks you to slay bandits near Omen's Call. The bandits are found along the northeast road from Omen's Call.
  • Gathering Grains (level 73) - Collect fenwheat for Celeria Glandowin. The fenwheat spawns northeast of Omen's Call.

Drogan Exiles:

  • Little Big Bang (level 72) - Tinkerist Glazid asks you to gather Pi'ter Sahlt from the Kromdek camp. The harvestables spawn around the camp found directly northeast of the drogan camp.
  • Mediumer Bang (level 72) - After completing the first quest from Tinkerist Glazid, he gives you this task. Recover gearboxes from the bonedigger burynai in the Field of Bone just east/northeast from the drogan camp.
  • Smashing Tools (level 72) - Tinkerist Nalzie asks you to kill tinkermashers for tinker tools. The tinkermashers can be found in a small camp along the road going to the Nurgan Mines.

Bellywhumper Burrows:

  • Let's Make a Steal (level 72) - Find coins in the sand near Omen's Call for Tymon Smalltooth. The coins will spawn as piles of dirt both on the beach and in the water around the Omen's Call dock.
  • Gobbling Gems (level 73) - Collector Gebblie gives this quest. Kill a Nurgan minedigger to retrieve a key. Then unlock the small rectangular brown boxes found in up and down the passages of the mines.


  • Prowler Pelts (level 73) - Merchant Vix sends you to gather prowler pelts from the nearby warslik prowlers. The prowlers are found along with road on the hillside from Riliss.
  • Sabertooth Fangs (level 72) - Merchant Vix sends you to gather sabertooth fangs from the nearby sabertooth scufflers. This merchant continues to give tasks similar to these that will lead to the quest series to the following NPC.
  • Superior Prowler Pelts (level 73) - Merchant Paxi continues a series of quests much like the ones you did with Merchant Vix. Obtain superior prowler pelts from the warslik prowlers found just outside Riliss up the road to the north.
  • Guard Posts (level 73) - Trooper Sakred gives you the task of gathering reports from the guard posts. The posts are located at: Kylong Plains sokokar post. From Kylong Plains on the road going to Sathir's Span. Along the road east of Omen's Call. Going towards the road entrance to Kunzar Jungle from Riliss. Just west of Riliss. At the Cabilis Ruins sokokar post.
  • Round Up (level 73) - Speak with Gilriss the Handler. Gilriss asks you to leash 3 kunarkian tuskers and return them to him. You can find the tuskers between Riliss and Sathir's Span. Leash up 3 of them and quickly return them to Gilriss.
  • Sokokarn't (level 73) - Trainer Sulrig sends you on a task to trap wild young sokokars. These harvestable sokokars are found south of Riliss.


Soloing Opportunities

If you haven't heard me say it enough...Quest, quest, quest!! In the upper levels, grinding out experience on your own is slow going. Questing offers a steady stream of experience that can get you through content at a steady pace and lead you naturally throughout a zone. Fens of Nathsar has an amazing amount of quests that will breeze you through your mid 70s easily.

Just like most people though, I do enjoy a good grind. My favorite spots for just slaying mobs for fun and loot were the fishmen in the ruins around Lake of Ill Omen, particularly handy if you happen to have the Lore & Legend quest for these guys. I also spent quite a bit of time in the Nurga Mines. I was lucky enough to not only make a fairly solid stream of experience, but also land some very nice loot. While there I had a couple of master chests drop and I did double duty and mined some rares at the same time. All of those things fetched me a very nice bit of plat on the broker, which you'll find you will need when you want those spell upgrades.

Another good spot for solo killing is out in the Field of Bone with the burynai. They also have a Lore and Legend quest that could be done while randomly killing. I didn't get very good loot off of them, but their difficulty was just perfect for laid back soloing.


Grouping Opportunities

The great thing about the newer zones is the balance of difficulty with the mobs making soloing so much easier, but there aren't a huge amount of heroic mobs everywhere for groups to enjoy. Groups can always quest share (open your quest journal and click the "share" button while you are in a group) which makes for easy grouping in the overland zones, and gains you experience at a quicker pace.

For heroic mobs, there are some on the way up to Bathezid Watch, a few around Sathir's Span and the other major faction areas. Spending time in any of the open areas or cities in which you don't need the faction and just laying waste to all is a nice way to pass the time, but really you'd be better off heading to one of the many RoK Dungeons with a full group and doing quests together if you are in a smaller group.


Do you have favorite places to hunt in Fens of Nathsar, either solo or in groups? Please let us know! We love to hear where the players like to play!


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