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Greater Faydark

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  • Overview
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Greater Faydark is a magical land of bixies, fairies, and orcs and home to those adorable little fae! This is the newbie starting zone for the playable race of the fae and contains several different areas that vary by quite a bit. You'll find the starting area of The Nursery, which replaces the need for the starting islands, and is where a new fae will spawn upon creation. Then you have the fae city of Kelethin, held high above Greater Faydark within the trees.

To be able to play in this zone, you will need the expansion "Echoes of Faydwer". Unlike the previous expansions, Echoes of Faydwer includes content for all levels, and a new playable race, so its definitely worth picking up!


Minimum Level

Since this is a starting zone, there is no minimum level. The content here ranges drastically, you'll find some very high level quests, but generally, this is the zone to play in if you are between the levels of 1 to 15ish.


Connecting Zones

Greater Faydark works as sort of the nexus of the Echoes of Faydwer zones, so you'll be spending a lot of time traveling in and out of this zone to get to other zones.



You could likely quest all day long in Greater Faydark and not even make a dent in this zone's quest content. This place gives serious meaning to the name "EverQuest"!. These are a sampling of quests found in the major parts of the zone. You will find most at the various outposts, but never be afraid to explore and to find more!

A Meal for Grum: I (level 10) - Grum, found near the zone in to Steamfont Mountains, needs you to bring him stuff to eat! This is a line of quests from Grum, each one is unlocked when the previous quest is completed. For this quest, Grum wants spider legs, simply kill some of the spiders in Greater Faydark, then return for reward. Reward: Coin.

A Meal for Grum: II (level 10) - After completing the previous quest, Grum then asks you to gather drake wings for him. The fae drakes spawn along the path down the hill from Grum. Reward: Coin.

A Meal for Grum: III (level 10) - After completing the previous quests, Grum asks for bear meat. The bears can be found below Orc Hill near the treants. Reward: Coin.

A Meal for Grum: IV (level 10) - After completing the previous quests, Grum now needs you to kill the Trebuz bixies. These guys are found along the Underwood Road. Reward: Coin.

Belts of the Centurions (level 16) - Elonca, found in the cave that leads to Crushbone Keep, offers you a reward for slaying centurion orcs near Crushbone. Collect the belts from the centurions then return to Elonca for your reward. Reward: Coin and a Crushbone centurion belt.

Tilting the Scales (level 8) - Brodo Gillywump from the Sapling Spur Outpost, asks you to kill the spur stalkers near the outpost. Reward: Coin and your choice of armor or weapon.

Further Investigation (level 8) - Brodo asks you to see what the stags and dear are eating. To get the samples, walk up to the non-attackable fawns and they will drop a nibbled root onto the ground that you may harvest. Return these to Brodo. Reward: Coin.

Checking the Source (level 9) - After completing the previous quests, Brodo offers you another task. Collect the root samples of the nearby resilient roots. I found most of these around Tunare's Sapling. Reward: Coin and plate leggings.

Help From a Friend (level 9) - After completing the previous quests, Brodo asks you to take extract from the roots to Ystana found near the druid ring, located southwest of the Outpost. Ystana will ask you to collect pouches from the orc herbalists that are found up on Orc Hill behind the druid ring. Return these pouches to Brodo. Reward: Coin.

Sounding the Alarm (level 9) - To continue this quest series, Brodo needs samples from the coerced sapling found just west of Orc Hill. You will need to take these samples to Dhala Veera on Green Knoll, found just west of the coerced saplings. Reward: Coin and your choice of plate arms or a secondary item.

Ongoing Efforts (level 10) - Dhala Veera continues the quest series from Brodo. She sends you to speak with Mentha Haora. Mentha is found at the Shadow Spire Outpost just before the Steamfont Mountains zone in. Reward: Coin.

Scorched Skeletons of the Spires (level 11) - Mentha needs you to slay some scorched skeletons for her to bring her back bone fragments. The scorched skeletons are found right at the spires. Reward: Coin.

Arcanic Disruption (level 11) - Mentha sends you on another task to cleanse the skeletons at the spires. Use the scroll Mentha gives you on the skeletons (you don't have to kill them yourself). Reward: Coin and your choice of bracelet, chain arm piece, plate helm, or leather gloves.

Sniffwhistles Superior Idea: Part I (level 10) - Grimply Sniffwhistle of the Shadow Spire Outpost needs you to gather treat wood for him. The treants can be found in Treant Grove, near the Butcherblock Mountains zone in. Reward: Coin.

Sniffwhistles Superior Idea: Part II (level 12) - After completing Grimply's previous quest, he asks you to collect bixie parts from the Trebuz bixies. You may find the Trebuz bixies beyond the spire along the Underwood Road traveling to the west. Reward: Coin.

Sniffwhistles Superior Idea: Part III (level 13) - Sniffwhistle sends you on another task, this time to collect from the huge spider, found just north of the spire. Reward: Coin.

Part Time Help: I (level 10) - The mender, Matstyr Alesmith, at the Shadow Spire Outpost sends you on an assignment to hunt and gather pelts from wolves. Wolves are found through out the zone, mostly along the Underwood Road areas near Tunare's Sapling. Reward: Coin.

Part Time Help: II (level 10) After completing the previous quest, Alesmith sends you on another task to kill crushbone corruptors and and take their bags. The corruptors can be found near Orc Hill at Treant Grove with the coerced saplings. Reward: Coin.

Part Time Help: III (level 11) - Matstyr Alesmith asks you to hunt Trebuz bixies for their stingers. The bixies are found along the Underwood Road to the west. Reward: Coin.

Part Time Help: IV (level 20) - Matstyr Alesmith continues giving you tasks, although this one takes a rather large jump in level requirements, so this is most likely one might save for later. You need to hunt decaying guardians for their boulders. These are found in the area near the New Tunaria zone in. Reward: Coin.

In Honor and Service (level 17) - This is a heritage quest that starts in Kelethin, but is mostly done in Greater Faydark. Follow the link to get the step by step guide on this great quest!

Eitholi, Blade of the Fae (level 24) - This signature quest starts with Eellii Tenderbranch near Tunare's Sapling. Follow the link to get the full write up.

Koada'Dal Magi's Craft (level 60) - Another signature quest that starts in Greater Faydark. This one begins with Fethinal the Enchanted inside a tree trunk on the eastern end of the zone, and as always, we have the full write up on it, so click the link if you'd like to know more.


Important Quests Involving Greater Faydark

War and Wardrobe (level 35) - This heritage quest involves both Kelethin and Crushbone Keep.

Ivy Shrouded Orb of Tunare (level 65) - You'll find yourself in and out of Greater Faydark a lot for this signature quest.


Soloing Opportunities

Greater Faydark is overflowing with low level quests, so much so, that you might find that you will out level the quests in this zone quicker than you can do them! It's my suggestion that you take great advantage of this, and quest your way through these levels. This will gain you decent newbie gear, achievement points, and the levels to start adventuring to the other areas of this expansion.

If you are a strictly hack and slash sort of player, there are plenty of mobs to spend time slaying. My favorites are the orcs, which are nicely camped in level appropriate areas. Early on, you can spend some time up on orc hill. Later, you can make your way towards Crushbone Keep and find tons of solo orcs along the path.

If you are just starting out with a new character, I'd definitely stick with the very non-threatening Nursery area before moving out into the big open area of Greater Faydark.


Grouping Opportunities

As I suggested with the soloing players, grab a few of the many quests, and your friends, and plow through those babies! You have achievement points available to you, and questing is the best way to make these.

For other grouping fun, Tunare's Glade is a nice choice. Its still mostly solo mobs, as most of the zone is, but there are a few heroic faeflies in this area. Another good spot is behind the waterfall going towards New Tunaria. There are a bunch of mobs in that area that could use a group to take on, or for higher level soloing.

The best grouping is going to be up in front of Crushbone Keep. This area has the biggest concentration of heroic mobs in the zone. Be sure to pop inside Crushbone Keep and grab the orc Lore and Legend book on the weapons rack, just in the front door.


I hope you enjoyed the Ten Ton Hammer walk through of Greater Faydark! Enjoy it, and if you have any questions or comments, please contact me via e-mail!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016