The Guardian's Shield

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    2 - Guardian Abilities List
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    6 - Where to Hunt (solo)

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A Guardian is a "tank" in the truest sense. Wading into combat this class uses hate to keep the enemies attention focused on them. Guardians are the most
heavily armored of any class playing the game; the
shield of the group, figuratively and literally, absorbing all the
damage the enemy can throw at your group allowing their groupmates to attack
with all their might.

Designed and updated to smooth the Guardian's path, this guide is a
living compendium of knowledge gleaned from a variety of sources, most
notably contributors to the EQ2players forums and the our own Ten Ton Hammer
Share what you know for everyone to enjoy! I'll make sure you get the

Note: I’ve written this guide for beginners, defining common game
terms as I go along. My experience on the Oggok/Blackburrow server is that EQ2 has
attracted many new gamers to the genre, and a hearty welcome to you! I
hope more advanced players will be patient with these infrequent
explanations. Good tanking! All the Chapters to this guide are
hyperlinked at the top of all Chapter pages, and the bottom of the
lengthy ones, as well. Click through on the Chapter link you need
to find out more about the Guardian class.

First and
foremost, the credits:

  • Ethec (originator of this guide)
  • SLiDE (t3h Updat0r)
  • Stormreaver (for use of ability descriptions)
  • Sunthas (for his listing of training spells)
  • Dwar of the AB Server (for his great comments on tanking)
  • Kruck of the Blackburrow Server (for insight into the importance
    of the defense stat)
  • Alaric of the Oggok/Blackburrow Server (for 60+ submissions for the Upgrade
    Comparison list, and lots of good insight in the "Combat Methods"
  • Aphi of Oggok/Blackburrow (for 16 submissions to the "Combat Abilities" list and then sending SLiDE more screenshots for reference after live updates changed things. :P)
  • Lepoak of Runnyeye (30 submissions to the "Combat Abilities" list))

Latest Updates:

  • 4.1.08 - Updated with RoK info and general clean up!

Current To-do list

  • Collect any missing info from helpful residents of Norrath.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016