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The Halls of Fate is a large and challenging instance contained within the Kingdom of Sky expansion pack. This is a great zone with connections to some of the best quest lines in game for high end players, and even at level 70, it can still pose a challenge for the average group, and we love challenge!! Halls of Fate is full of high level mobs, several named, including the mighty Sothis, a dragon that ISN'T epic, so groups can get in on the dragon slaying fun too.

If you are working on the signature quests, Blood of the Brood (Hoo'loh Hat Quest) or A Mark of Awakening, you will need to venture into the Halls. Be sure to pick up the other quests that lead into this instance, so you have plenty to do as your killing everything in your wake!


Minimum Level

I'd suggest not trying to run through this zone until you are level 65ish or higher. Even the mobs at the door are level 65, deeper in they are low 70s, and can be rough to take down, particularly the named mobs. This zone is a couple levels deep, and as with most zones like this, the mobs get more difficult as you go on. Please do keep in mind that since Halls of Fate is an instance, it does have a lock out timer!


Connecting Zones

The Halls of Fate is reached through the zone The Bonemire. Once in the Bonemire, you'll need to hop a cloud to the Halls of Fate island and make your way through the outside mobs that surround the zone.



Premonitions of Doom (level 70 heroic) - This quest starts with Raluvh (loc -25, 3, -141), a prisoner found within a jail cell in the Halls. You must have done the previous quest of "Find Raluvh" that starts in Bonemire, with Yazid found outside of the Halls of Fate.

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Need to Kill a Droag or Two?

Raluvh wants for you to discover information from the officers inside the Halls. You'll start by usurping (fancy word for disguising yourself as) the identity of Doom Lord Septimus. To disguise yourself, you'll need a mutagenic. Along the way of finding this, please keep in mind that you need to skip over the The Collector, Katalkana, and the 2nd Doomguard in your slaying spree (Thanks to Xenmir for that information!). If you kill any of them, you won't be able to complete this quest. The mutagenic is found in the room with Jin'Tiz the Cataloguer (loc 121, -25, 21), on the table near him. If you are very careful, a member of your group should be able to snag the potion without aggroing Jin'Tiz. Once someone has the potion, have them examine it to continue. Once you've completed the steps to refine the potion, you will kill Lord Septimus, then you will be able to speak with the other officers as they come to you, believing whomever took the potion to be a droag in charge. This is a long and complicated quest, without too much reward, but its sometimes nice to have something to do in a zone. Reward: Coin.


Quests Relating to Halls of Fate

A Mark of Awakening (level 70 epic) - This is a serious sort of signature quest that will require a raid to complete. Find the full write up of this quest in the Bonemire zone guide.

Blood of the Brood (level 70 heroic) - This is an amazing quest that gives you the reward of your class hat. We have the step by step guide on this quest line.



Soloing Opportunities

I have heard of people soloing in the Halls, and I imagine that any high level character that can effectively solo heroic mobs, could solo in here, but for the average player, you'll really want to save this zone for a group.


Grouping Opportunities

Got a good group and looking to have some fun? Then this is the place for you! If you are on a quick group run and don't have a whole lot of time, then you can easily run through and skip some of the bigger named mobs. I happen to love this zones potential, so we usually start at the beginning and keep going until we run out of time or we run out of mobs. It does take some time to get through completely, so be prepared for that.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016