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In this part of the guide we are going to move through several levels. The remainder of level thirty two (if you haven't already grinded through it), thirty three and at least half of level thirty four. We are going to do all of this in Desolace, which is just packed with quests.

Levels Thirty Three - Thirty Four


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There are so many quests in this zone to do, most of which involve killing many MOBs that there really is no need to grind at all in the zone. If you really feel the need to grind, either the kolkar (centaur) or demon areas are decent spots, but it really isn't required.

Once you enter Desolace you should enter the Thunder Axe Fortress just south of the path as you enter the zone. Kill MOBs there until you get the drop that starts the quest "The Corrupter". It shouldn't take that many kills to do this.

Once you are done there, return to the path to the east and follow it south until you come to a goblin with a few kodo outside his hut.

Here, accept the "Kodo Roundup" quest which has you get kodo to follow you from the graveyard to the west back to the goblin.

In the hills beside the kodo graveyard you can find the Ghost Walker Post and the first group of quests in the zone. Turn in "The Kolkar of Desolace", "The Corrupter" and "Alliance Relations".

Then grab "Gelkis Alliance", "The Corrupter" (second part), "Khan Dez'hepah" and work through the "Alliance Relations" steps until you get "Befouled by Satyr".

Travel to the north east corner of the zone to find the MOBs to complete "Befouled by Satyr" and "The Corrupter". Be careful though as the Satyr are tightly grouped and it is possible to be overwhelmed fairly easily.

Move south along the path to the first Kolkar camp to find and slay "Khan Dez'hepah". He can be found in a tent at the east edge of the camp at 74,49.

Move further south (just south of where the path turns west) to the next Kolkar camp where you can finish the "Gelkis Alliance". When you are done, return to Ghost Walker post to turn in your quests and get the next parts.

Travel along the road to the west to turn in "Gelkis Alliance" and get the second quest in the chain "Stealing Supplies".

Continue west to Shadowprey Village. Make sure you learn the flightpoint while there as it is a long run back later.

While in Shadowprey get the following quests: "Fish in a Bucket", and "Clam Bait".

The traps can be found in the water just south of town. Turn in the shellfish to get "Bloodbelly Fish".

Travel north along the coast collecting the clam meat to complete the "Clam Bait" quest. Continue north to just north of the mountains to find the log to start the "Claim Rackmore's Treasure!" quest, you can find it at 36,30.

The ship can be found nearby off shore, and the chest can be found on the island at 29,08.

From there head to the tower along the coast to get the "Sceptre of Light" quest.
Make your way back to Thunder Axe Fortress to complete "Sceptre of Light", "The Burning of Spirits" and "Hand of Iruxos". When done, make your way back to the tower and turn in the sceptre quest and get the followup "Book of the Ancients".

From the tower swim to the island to the north west to complete "Book of the Ancients" and "Claim Rackmore's Treasure". While on the way there and back finish of "Clam Bait" (if you haven't already) and "Other Fish to Fry".

Return to the mainland to turn in "Claim Rackmore's Treasure" and "Book of the Ancients".

Make your way east along the road to the hut just past the crossroads and get "Bone Collector". Journey south to Ghost Walker Post and turn in all your quests and get the secondary parts.

Enter the graveyard by town to get the bones for "Bone Collector" and then move east to the Kolkar camp and complete "Centaur Bounty" and "Stealing Supplies".
Return to the hut at 62,39 to turn in "Bone Collector" then make your way back to Ghost Walker Post again to turn in "Centaur Bounty".

Run to Shadowprey Village to turn in all your quests there. By this point you should be into level 34 and ready to move back to Stranglethorn Vale. If you are not, either grind a little bit more, or grab a few of the other quests still available.

By this point though I have generally made it at least 1/4 of the way into level 34.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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