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For the remainder of level 43 and some of level 44 we are going to spend time adventuring around the northern edges of the Tanaris Desert. Here you get to learn a bit about the several bandit and pirate groups in the area, and then deal with them around the coast.

You should be able to get through all of level 43 and much of level 44 while in this area. All without having to do much grinding at all.

Level Forty Three to Forty Four


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When you enter the zone from the north, you will almost immediately find Gadgetzan. Enter the town and get the following quests "Wanted: Andre Firebeard", "Wanted: Caliph Scorpidsting", "Gadgetzan Water Survey", "Wastewander Justice", and "Water Pouch Bounty".

From town make your way to the east coast and Steamwheedle Port. While there pickup the following quests: "Screecher Spirits", "Pirate Hats Ahoy!" and "Southsea Shakedown".
Return westward to complete "Wastewander Justice" and "Water Pouch Bounty" by killing the MOBs around 63,32.
Next move into the pirate area found through the cave at 68,41 to complete the following quests: "Southsea Shakedown", "Pirate Hats Ahoy", "Wanted: Andre Firebeard" and to get "Ship Schedules" from one of the pirate footlockers that drop.
Return to Gadgetzan to turn in all the quests and to the follow up "More Wastewander Justice".
Head out of town and move to the west to finish "Gadgetzan Water Survey" which can be done around 38,29.
Head back to Steamwheedle Port to turn in your quests and get "Return to MacKinley".

From Steamwheedle head south west to find the MOBs for and to complete "More Wastewander Justice" and "Wanted: Caliph Scorpidsting".

Caliph will have 2 stealthed MOBs with him, so ensure you are ready for them.

Return to town and turn in all your quests and get ready to move on to the next zone, Feralas. Fly to Freewind Post and start making your way west into the zone.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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