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This part of our guide focuses on level 23-24, but in actual fact you will probably hit level 25 by the end of it. This is due to the number of quests that we will tackle and the density of MOBs in some of the areas. Many of the quests also require dealing with many surrounding MOBs to get to the ones you really want, thereby granting a ton of extra experience. For this part of your journey to levle 60 you will return to the Stonetalon Mountains.

Level Twenty Three to Twenty Four

Stonetalon Mountains

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Once you get back to Sun Rock Retreat, make sure you grab all the quests available, this should include "Cycle of Rebirth", "Cenarius' Legacy", "Arachnophobia", "Elemental War" and "Harpies Threaten".
From Sun Rock Retreat head north to that lake that the path skirts around. Here you can complete "Cycle of Rebirth".

Continue following the path north to Stonetalon Peak, watching for MOBs for "Jin'Zil's Forest Magic" along the way and once there.

Once at Stonetalon Peak, complete "Cenarius' Legacy" and then return to Sun Rock Retreat.

Stonetalon Peak is a great grinding spot as the MOBs are ussually pretty easy to kill for your level. However be careful around the North edge of the area for the Alliance settlement there. On a PvP server, it may not be the best place to grind.

Around this level (level 22-23) the Shadowfang Keep instance comes into play as a possibility. You can do it earlier but it will be very difficult, and if you save it too long the rewards are not that great. I would suggest looking for a group as soon as you hit level 22, and take the journey to it when you can, especially if you are a cloth wearer as the drops are amazing.

You can find a complete guide on the instance here: TenTonHammer's Guide to Shadowfang Keep.

In Sun Rock Retreat turn in "Cenariu's Legacy" and "Cycle of Rebirth". In return get the follow ups "Ordanus" and "New Life".
Journey south to the spider infested area at 52,74 and fight your way to the back or the ravine. Clear as many spiders from the area as you can and then kill the named spider for "Arachnophobia". She is elite, but if the area is clear, I have never had issues downing her at level 23-24.
Travel north east to Ziz Fizziks house at 60,30 to turn in "Further Instructions" and get "Gerenzon Wrenchwistle".

Adventure and grind through the Windshear Crag area for "Shredding Machines" and "Gerenzo Wrenchwistle". Gerenzo can be found at 63,40 up the ramp.

Return to Ziz to turn in "Gerenzo Wrenchwistle" and then head south east to Malaka'Jin and the NPC at the start of the zone to turn in "Jin'Zil's Forest Magic" and "Shredding Machines".

Return to Sun Rock Retreat and turn in "Arachnophobia".

Take the path through the mountains to the west out of town into the Charred Vale. Once there complete "Harpies Threaten", "Elemental War" and "New Life".

The Charred Vale is another excellent grinding spot packed with MOBs in the form of Harpies, Elementals and Lizards. They are fairly tight together though, so when grinding here it is best to clear an area and pull back to it so that you are relatively safe from other MOBs. It is very easy to be overwelmed fighting in an open area.

By this point you should be VERY close to level 25 or may have already hit it. If you haven't you should grind here briefly, then return to Sun Rock Retreat to turn in your quests.

Fly to Ogrimmar to train for your level 24 abilites, and then head south to Camp Taurajo to finish your adventures in the Southern Barrens.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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