The Ivy Shrouded Orb of Tunare

This is a fairly lengthy signature quest that starts at level 60, but you'll
need to be 65-70ish with a group to complete it. It hands out some very nice
rewards even for you 70's pimping legendary gear.

Corruption in the Faydark

First you'll need to find Arloona Delyssa in Lesser Faydark near Tunare's
Grove. From the Lower Grove station you'll head behind the large tree (-247,
-384) and find her around a meditation mat. She'll send you to see Roolean in
Greater Faydark near the Steamfont zone line (you'll be coming back to him a

Roolean will send you back to Lesser Faydark to seek out Th'las Wildwood
(-104, -41). Th'las will ask you to destroy Ironwood the Cruel who is a 60 ^^^
Heroic. He'll spawn when you approach -60, -278 and give you the void crystal
you're looking for. Return to Roolean for your reward which is a Band of
Ironwood Bark.

Making it Manifest

Roolean will now send you to talk to An'dil Siriion in the Butcherblock
Mountains. You can find him at the docks, if you are getting off a boat, to the
right. He'll demand 50gp for his information. Screw that noise! Choose the
threaten him option and beat his sorry butt down. He's a 56^ solo so shouldn't
be much too much trouble.

After his sad defeat he tells you the information you seek resides inside the
Acadechsim (or as one of my friends calls it the “Abracadabramacarena”). This is
located on top of Crushbone and can be reached via some climbing walls nearby.
If you are looking to fast track this quest, do NOT kill any of the nameds in
the zone, you will be returning. You'll take a right when you enter the zone,
and are looking for a Crushbone Quartermaster near -380, 356 for the update.

Head back to An'dil for some experience and your next quest.

Acquiring the Second Fragment

This one is pretty easy, you just have to go back into the Acadechism and
kill Nirothil (around -75, -66). Kill and return to Roolean. Also feel free to
clear the zone now, you won't be coming back.

A Champion of Koada'Dal

Roolean will now send you to find Thurindor in New Tunaria (Felwithe). You'll
need a friend most likely, even at level 70. Thurindor is a 66 ^^^ heroic. When
you pass through the main building, take a right and follow the path up the
mountain. You'll pass through a building with a crapton of sentries (who see
invis) and guards, but when you reach the ground below head to the
left. He should spawn around the graveyard.

Head back to Roolean.

An Evening Jaunt

Your next leg of the journey will take you once again to Lesser Faydark. Near
the Greater Faydark entrance you'll head to south to the Thexian camps. Near the
climbing wall around -527, 413 you'll find a satyr named Ignatios. You'll have
30 minutes to get him to the Fugutr tribe near 111, -450. Once he updates you'll
be offered the next quest and will receive your reward “The Satyr Badge of

Tracking Down the Necromancer

Mr. Satyr will send you on your way to Loping Plains to find one Calacea
Mossrunner. Head to the village and find your update around -349, -66. Calcacea
will send you to find Mirwen Beluran at the Gnomeland Security Headquarters.
Make your way to Steamfont grab your update and grab a group for the next

In Greater Faydark in the eastern portion you'll find a "door leading to no
where" around -456, -272. This is an instance filled with heroics around 68 and it's easy to end up clearing the zone trying to find your way around. Enjoy the experience. The Necromancer is a 68^^^ heroic who loves to fear but if you have a
good Templar you've nothing to worry about.

Return to Roolean to receive the Earring of Wicked Torment

The Hidden Crystal

Roolean sends you off to kill yet another creature (he seems very violent).
This step is actually pretty easy as it shouldn't be too difficult to find an Obelisk of
Blight group. Join up and run the instance as normal. Your party will notice as
they approach the Key of Chaos (which opens the door to the final area) an extra mob will be in the way. Whistle innocently while they have to kill it (if they moan
about it remind them they got AA) and enjoy your update.

Return to Roolean.

A Small Testament

Roolean will send you to see Grand Master Lu Sun in the Wu encampment inside
Lesser Faydark, so put on your blackbelt and get over there. He'll ask you to
speak to Arloona (where you got the quest) and gather bark from the giant tree
near her. Piece of cake! He'll also ask you to gather 10 gloom mushrooms from
Kaladim which is less cake like. Unless, you happen to have invis. If you don't,
go buy a totem geez! You're almost level 70 by now, so stop with the
cheapskating thing. Stay away from the central area of Kaladim (see invis mobs
will smack you) and head toward the back around -60, -385 to find the updates
you need.

Return to Lu Sun who will send you back to Roolean for you next quest.

A Predestined Fate

Head back to Roolean in Greater Faydark, but bring your friends this time.
Hail him and he'll ask you to wait while he destroys the crystals. Hail him
again and he'll attempt to beat you senseless. He's a level 71 ^^^ heroic which
isn't too painful. Defeating him will complete this signature quest and give you
a choice of 4 rewards:

Ivy Shrouded Earring of Tunare (great for scouts)

Ivy Shrouded Girdle of Tunare (great general belt for fighters/healers)

Ivy-Shrouded Club of Tunare (great 1 hander for fighters)

Ivy-Shrouded Orb of Tunare (great secondary/ranged item for healers)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016