The "Lavastorm" Zone Guide

Map of Lavastorm

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  • Overview
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  • Connecting Zones
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  • Solo Opportunities
  • Grouping Opportunities


Lavastorm, the fiery haven for the most vile of creatures, including vicious
tribes of goblins and the formidable Nagafen!  He lives in his dark molten
prison, kept away from the Lady Vox in Permafrost for their unsanctioned love
for each other.

Accessed by traveling from the Nektulos Forest docks via a dock bell, this is
one of the most dangerous looking of zones, full of peril, the most notable of
which is those darned lavapits and rivers that kill you instantly if you accidentally
slip into one.  No auto following here!

This is a large zone, spread out
in a mildly confusing format.  To be able to access the back part of
Lavastorm, you have to go through the Temple of Sol Ro, which is a mini zone all
in itself.  It ends up being like a maze finding your way around!  I recommend
that you activate the porter the first time you make a run through Lavastorm so
that you may access the back portion of the zone without always having to run
through.  This is done by stepping onto the teleporter location (loc -326,
+84, -182) near the entrance of Solusek's Eye.  Word of warning though, the
activate spot is small, and it's in a rather dangerous location, so mind
the lava!

Minimum Level:

This zone is best utilized during your 40s
and 50s.  I did some soloing here in my late 30s, but it was a bit tough
and I had to stay up front with the wormlings or with a group slaying the heroic

Connecting Zones:

  • Nektulos Forest - Via
    the Lavastorm dock bell.
  • Solusek's Eye -  A heroic zone within Lavastorm, and
    home of Nagafen's Lair.
  • Maiden's Gulch -  There are three instances of this
    zone; a single group instance, and then a raid x2 and a raid x4.  You
    will need to do the quest "Broken Key" to gain access to this
    zone.  Only 1 party member needs to have done the quest for the entire
    group to gain entrance.
  • The Sanctum of Fire -  A single group instance located
    within the Temple of Solusek Ro.


  • "Saving Soles" - This is a heritage quest that starts with Charly Ashlash
    (approximate loc -323, -130, +355).  A full write up for this quest is
    located here!
  • "Lost
    Legend of Lavastorm"
    - This is a heritage quest started by hailing Fendaris
    K'Lorn (loc -124, -114, +628).  A full write up for this quest is
    located here.
  • "Broken Key" -
    This is the access quest for Maiden's Gulch.  The quest is initiated by
    examine the key outside of the entrance to Maiden's Gulch (loc -194, -1,
    -349).  You are asked to repair the key, first by gathering some
    lava.  This is done by slaying the molten wormlings, and you will need
    4 updates from those.  You are then asked to find a way to fuse the
    lava to the key.  You will be looking for the forge (loc -242, -60,
    -672) that is located inside the Temple of Solusek Ro.  Once this is
    done, you may now enter Maiden's Gulch!   Reward: Experience
    and Zone Access.
  • "Efforts
    - This quest comes from examining a mining cart (-268,
    -27, -469) inside of the Temple of Solusek Ro.  You are asked to kill
    30 basalt rumblers in Lavastorm.
  • "A
    Soot Covered Page"
    - This quest comes from examining a page
    (loc -149, -117, +635) on a table inside the building on the Lavastorm
    dock.  You are asked to find 6 Sootfoot warrior trinkets off of the
    warriors in Lavastorm.  Reward:  Experience and 2g
  • "Ashes
    to Ashes"
    - this quest comes from examining a page (loc -149,
    -117, +635) on a table inside the building on the Lavastorm dock.  You
    are asked to slay twenty Sootfoot sages in Lavastorm.  Reward: 
    Experience and 6g
  • "Repay
    the Pain"
    - This quest comes from examining a page (loc -149,
    -117, +635) under a table inside the building on the Lavastorm dock. 
    You are asked to slay twenty Sootfoot channelers.  Reward: 
    Experience and 2g
  • "Colossal
    Lava Rocks"
    - This quest is initiated by examining a pile of
    rocks (loc -524, -117, +454) located just over the lava bridge in the
    southern portion of Lavastorm.  You are asked to destroy fifteen ardent
    colossi in Lavastorm.  The Colossi are found in the northeastern
    portion of Lavastorm.  Reward:  Experience and 6g
  • "Efreeti
    Lore & Legend"
    - This L&L is found by examining a bench
    (loc -552, -119, +457).  The auto items needed for the updates are the
    spirit, swirling smoke, wish fragment, shattered lamp, broken shackle,
    ancient promise, oily essence, and silken sash.  all items are found by
    slaying any Efreeti in any zone.  Reward:  Experience, Efreeti
    trophy; Djarn's Avenger, and the Efreeti book

Solo Opportunities:

There are solo mobs sprinkled through out
Lavastorm, the trouble is, is that many are rather close to heroic mobs.  I
don't find this zone to be the most solo friendly for this level range.  I'd
be more apt to suggest the Enchanted Lands, or for in your 40s, Everfrost for
But if you do wander into Lavastorm, there are solo mobs right up front, and
just beyond the cave into the open part of the zone.  A few of the quests
that I listed above can be found up front, so that you may stay fairly close to
safety, which is especially important if you are in your late 30s and early
40s.  Keep an eye out for Firetoad, a very mean named heroic that spawns
with the wormlings.  The Sootfoots also make great solo kills, just be sure to
watch yourself near the heroics
that surround the open areas where the solo mobs roam.

Grouping Opportunities:

Now to be honest, I believe that grouping
content is where Lavastorm shines.  There are plenty of heroics all over
the zone, and a couple group instances as well as raid instances.  You are
likely to run through here a lot of the heritage quests and the dragon language

Lower level groups will want to stick with
the heroic Sootfoots and lava creatures that hang out around the front portion. 
Later on, mid 40s, my favorite group spot was inside the Temple of Solusek
Ro.  It provides a good amount of mob content in a easy to manage dungeon
format without ever having to zone outside of Lavastorm, not to mention a couple
coveted named mobs.


Hope you enjoyed my walk through of
Lavastorm.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016