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Loping Plains

The Loping Plains is a high-end zone included in the expansion "Echoes of Faydwer". Its dark and dreary backdrop is reminiscent of the Nektulos Forest with foggy skies, menacing creatures, and plentiful undead.

Found within this zone is the small village of Somborn. Protected by tall stone walls, this is a safe haven in which to stop for rest, talk with the locals, and pick up small (or big) tasks. Be sure to stop by there to pick up the good amount of quests!

There is plenty to do in this zone, and one should take the time to explore all the nooks, crannies, and hill top horrors, including the most notable landmark of the Loping Planes, the ominous Castle Mistmoore, a place in which only the bravest of explorers should venture to.


Minimum Level

The mobs in the Loping Plains start in at about level 60, so I would suggest that a player be in their mid 50s before attempting to spend much time in this zone. Mobs do go as high as low 70s, so be careful where you step, particularly if you have ventured close to Mistmoore.


Connecting Zones

The great thing about the Loping Plains is it's link to so many other zones. Connecting outdoor zones include:

Zones that are contained within the Loping Plains include:

  • The Crypt of Valdoon - a mid 60s-70 heroic dungeon
  • The Mistmoore Catacombs - a low to mid 60s heroic dungeon
  • Castle Mistmoore - a mid 60s-70 heroic dungeon
  • Freethinker Hideout - Epic raid instance. Thanks to Hakdagutz Neetm of Death to All on Butcherblock for bringing that one to my attention.



"Samples from the Fog Hills" - Philip Glaslow asks you to gather samples from local creatures. All the mobs you need can be found in the Fog Hills area, clearly marked on your map. This is the first quest in a series given by Philip, each of the following quests are listed in the order in which they are given. These are great quests to run solo when you have some extra time on your hands. Reward: 4g and experience.

  • "Delivery to Prungo" - Philip asks you to deliver a message to Prungo. He's found just off of the path leading to the Steamfront Mountains, just before you zone. Reward: 4g and experience.
  • "Samples with a Side of Revenge" - You are asked to take care of a few mobs. All of these mobs can be found to the northwest of
    Somborn near the spire. Reward: 4g, a charm piece, and experience.
  • "Echoes of the Sareth'Tal" - You need to slay 4 of the Sareth'Tal found just west of the Crypt of Valdoon. Reward: 14g and experience.
  • "A Necessary Component" - Drop the seeds around the druid circle and harvest the resulting plants.
    Reward: 13g and experience.
  • "Additional Samples" - Philip sends you to retrieve samples from more mobs. All of these can be found near the Crypt of Valdoon. Keep an eye out for the wandering level 70 heroic in the area. Reward: 14g and experience.
  • "Lord Falish" - On one last mission, Philip asks that you take a sample from Lord Falish's grave found in the Somborn Cemetery. Once you find his grave markers, a ghost of Falish will spawn and you need to kill him and take his necklace back to Philip. Reward: 13g, and a necklace "Lord Falish's Amulet", and experience.

Ihreil Quest Line

  • Hexed and Vexed" -
    This quest starts with Ihriel the Sorceress at -445.64,8.96,
    -42.63). She wants you to get 8 Tormentil Leaves, 4 Willowtip
    Bear livers, and 4 Mandrake roots for a cure she's making.
    : 13g and experience.
  • "Entering the Veil" - Ihriel now hands you a recipe for the Muktuk Mask, which you need to scribe. You'll need to start dropping Ghouls (any kind will do) until you loot 10 corpudermus husks. You'll also need to harvest (or buy like we lazy people did) 10 hanging roots. Craft your mask and talk to Ihriel again. Using the mask will turn you into a Veil Hunter and cross your eyes from "purple vision." You'll have some new abilities to work with, but you'll need to kill 7 malicious spirits before you are done. Don't worry about the mask timer or getting killed, your kills will accumulate. When you are done, talk to Ihriel again to receive your reward and your final task.
    Reward: 9g 85sp and experience.
  • "Drawing out the Cazi"- This one is heroic so grab a friend to give you a hand even if you are 70. Ihriel now wants you to help destroy the source of the evil plaguing...I kinda zoned at that part. Anyways she'll give you a knife and a jar o' heart. Head to the corrupted druid ring outside town ( -417, 428), and use the heart which will appear on the ground. Clicky on it for the option to use the dagger and voila! Instant witchy. She's a 67 ^^^ heroic, so have fun. Return to Ihreil when you are done.

    Reward: A wrist item, gauntlets, and leggings. All items require level 64 to use.

"Snakes on the Plains" -
You have to find 6 snake cages and kill the snakes within them
and then find the Snake Dealer and deal with him as well. Reward: 13g and experience.

"The Bummer Gang" -
You get this quest from speaking to Retainer Bacchante standing
outside the Cathedral entrance in Somborn.
He asks you to kill 10 Bummer Gang Thugs and 10 Bummer Gang
Bandits which are easily found in the Fog Hills to the north of Somborn. Reward: 13g and experience.

"Missing Somborn Supplies" -
The second quest in the series you get from Retainer Bacchante.
He wants you to recover the missing Somborn Weapons Crate, the
missing Somborn Tools crate, and the missing Somborn Weapons
Crate. Reward: Either a 2h staff (Somborn Grubstake) or
leatherleg armor (Darkscrawl Leggings) and experience.

"Wolves in the Throne Room" -
You start this quest by talking to Tavish Dracinov. She asks
you to slay 30 Lyrech for their claws. Reward: Either
a neck piece (blood pact brooch) or Plate armor for the legs
(Blood Pact Legplates) and experience.

The Dire Warg Mount Quests

  • "The Dire Wolf Whisperer" - This starts the quest line to get a new warg mount! You speak with Wolfmaster Heinrich (-433, 9, 14) in Somborn Village. This is a pretty simple quest line, and very worth it, even if you don't want the mount. Even though it is a simple quest line, you still need to be level 60 to start it.

    First on the agenda, capture a dire wolf with the harness that the Wolfmaster gives to you. The dire wolf is found down across the bridge from Somborn. Return the wolf to Heinrich to open the next quest.

  • "The Dire Ravager Whisperer" - Just as before, you will get a harness to equip and use, this time on a dire ravager. These are found to the south of the village. Return the charmed dire ravager to Heinrich to complete and move on to the next quest.

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    New Warg Mount!

  • "The Dire Warg Whisperer" - Same as before! This time you will be charming a dire warg. These are found west of the village around the Wolf's Maw. There are heroic and solo varieties, and after having died trying to snag a heroic, I don't advise it. But I did find that you still get credit for the quest if you die after you've charmed the animal, this may be changed though as it does seem to be a bug. Another odd occurance, your charmed animal will attack anything that hits you, but is currently uncontrolable. Hopefully they will get that fixed as well.

    Return to Heinrich to complete, and you may now purchase a warg mount! Current costs are 4p91g52s.


Soloing Opportunities

The Loping Planes is a great soloing zone. The vast majority of the mobs in this zone are soloable, and there are plenty of 'em! I'd suggest heading to Somborn and picking up the many quests in the area. Most of them are solo quests, so this is the perfect way to gain some experience when you're on your own.

For solo mob grinding, mid to late 50s, the Bummer Gang mobs found on The Fog Hills. In your early 60s, south of town there are thugs, ghouls, and worms. For mid to late 60s, you'll wanna hang out around the base of Mt. Mistmoore, but there are some wandering heroics, so keep an eye out for those.


Grouping Opportunities

Heroic mobs are conveniently lumped together so soloers don't have too much troubles with accidentally running into them. Out in the open areas of the Loping Planes, good grouping spots are within the Wolf's Maw, a sunken path of various heroic mobs mid zone and in front of Mistmoore Castle. Be aware that the mobs in front of Mistmoore are yellow cons to a level 70 even, so remember to take a dependable group if you intend to survive those gargoyles. For lower 60s grouping, I'd suggest heading into the Mistmoore Catacombs. For higher levels, either Mistmoore Castle or the Crypt of Valdoon, both challenging for even capped characters.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016