EverQuest II's The Shadow Odyssey Announced!



Fan Faire is in full swing, and amongst the friendly banter and fun activities we always find important EQ2 game info and Fan Faire 2008 is no different in this regard. Ten Ton Hammer has been keeping a keen eye open for whatever we may hope to bring to our readers, and this is what we've managed to get our hands on!

We often hear rumors from fans digging up bits of evidence here and there of the newest expansion, but Fan Faire has often been a dramatic staging ground for the unveiling of the next chapter in Norrathian history. This year we give to you, EverQuest II The Shadow Odyssey!!

"EverQuest II The Shadow Odyssey is the fifth expansion for the critically acclaimed EQII franchise and follows the award-winning and best-selling Rise of KunarkTM expansion. New players and veterans alike will journey through a substantial amount of exquisite content with more than 20 new zones, including the Moors of Ykesha, a massive outdoor zone once known as Innothule Swamp, and the legendary dungeon Guk. Throughout the summer months, players were treated to prelude events, such as the Void Storms, that gave them a glimpse into the expansion lore and content from The Shadow Odyssey, building the anticipation leading up to the launch."

Highlights of this expansion will include:

  • New Zones: Journey through more than 20 new zones, including the new overland zone, Innothule Swamp.
  • Dungeon Adventures: Experience nostalgic EverQuest dungeon themes, such as Najena, Mistmoore and The Sebilisian Empire, and adventure through more than 18 goal-based dungeons, such as Ruins of Guk and Befallen.
  • Achievement Point: An achievement level cap increase to 200 that offers new achievements for class-specific lines.
  • Dungeon Delving: A new mission system for players to replay content with new and different experiences.
  • Heritage Quests: Five new quests with unique rewards being added.
  • Shard Reward System: A new, mysterious group of erudites with powerful new armor and equipment will barter for void shards earned during players’ encounters
  • Epic Tales: Stories told through battles with dozens of new creatures and hundreds of new quests.
  • New Deities: Rodcet Nife and Anashti Sul are introduced into Norrath.
  • Access to All Previous Content: Includes all previous expansion packs and adventure packs.
  • Legends of Norrath: Includes strategic online trading card game, digital starter deck and booster pack.

Release of EverQuest II's fifth expansion is slated for November 18th, 2008 with public beta scheduled to begin on or around September 2, 2008. Thankfully you don't have to wait until then to get a peek at what is to come! Check out these screenshots from The Shadow Odyssey.


We know that the fans are hungry for more expansion coverage so please check back with Ten Ton Hammer for more on The Shadow Odyssey!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016