The Spirit of Frostfell

by: Coyotee Sharptongue


“Are you SURE you understand what you are supposed to do?” An elf dressed in a shiny green uniform complete with a matching green stocking cap asks as he looks up.

A huge ogre dressed all in red nods emphatically sending his fake bushy white beard into bobbing spasms.

“Yup. Kid sit, Krunnk say naughty or nice and give present.” The ogre grins widely as the elf sighs unconvinced, and motions for the red clad behemoth to sit.

The ogre admires the elaborate gold and velvet throne for a long moment before sitting with a smile, looking extremely pleased with himself.

“Amateurs. Why do we always get the amateurs?” The elf sighs as he moves towards the front of a very long line full of children and weary looking parents.

“Next.” He smiles, opening the entrance ropes for a young human boy who runs past him and jumps onto the ogre's lap eagerly.

“HO HO HO! I is SANNA CRAWZ!” The ogre laughs loudly as the young boy beams up at him.

“What YOU want for Frostfell lil'boy? He asks grinning down at the child.

“I want a purple baby dragon!” The boy announces hugging “Sanna”.

“Oh! ME TOO!” The ogre agrees reaching into his sack of “toys”.

“That what this is?” The ogre asks, looking at the large brightly colored box in his hand.

“YES!!” The boy squeals in delight as he looks at the box, sure that Sanna has given him the gift that he wants.

The ogre looks at the gift longingly then slowly back to the boy.

“You naughty. Krunnk keep present. Go'way.” He announces, sliding the boy off of his knee.

A look of sorrow and disbelief spans the boy's face as he looks up at the ogre who is now shaking the present and listening intently.

"But…But I've been GOOD Sanna.” The boy whines as he reaches for the present.

“You NAUGHTY!” The ogre growls for a moment, before his face brightens considerably. “SO NAUGHTY, KRUNNK TAKE TWO OF YOU PRESENTS!” He grins, reaching into his bag and helping himself to another gift.

“But..” The boy starts, a tear welling in his eye as he's cut off by a loud yell from the ogre.

“NEXT!” Krunnk screams to the front of the line, pushing the boy out of a gate marked “Exit” with the side of his large black boot.

As the small boy leaves sobbing, he's replaced by a young female halfling who climbs up on the ogre's lap.

“What YOU want?” Sanna growls, greedily stuffing *his* presents back into the sack.

“I want an Antonia Bayle doll!” She coos and she hugs the holiday clad ogre.

“ME TOO!” He agrees excitedly, digging into the sack and pulling out yet another large present and cradling it to her chest.

“Is that for ME?” The little halfling cries in delight as she reaches for the present.

“NO!” Sanna growls, holding it out of her grasping reach. “You naughty. Krunnk get you present.” He taunts sticking out his tongue.

“You are a BAD Sanna!” She scolds wagging her finger at him.

“And you NEXT!” Krunnk cries out, shoving her off his lap.

He examines the present before looking to the head of the line.

“NEXT!” He bellows impatiently.

“This take TOO long.” Krunnk decides as he stands, throwing the sack of goodies over his shoulder.

Grinning ear to ear he moves towards the line, much to the delight of the children.

“Naughty naughty naughty naughty..” He dubs each child as he walks past.

“YOU ALL NAUGHTY! KRUNNK KEEP ALL PRESENTS NOW GO'WAY!” He roars, shaking a fist at the crowd of frightened children before turning to walk away.

The lead elf quickly steps in front of the exiting ogre nervously trying to right the situation.

“Wait! Krunnk! No!” He pleads as he stands in Krunnk's path, blocking his escape.

“By giving these children their Frostfell gifts, you will receive the GREATEST gift there is!” The elf smiles up at the ogre who's eyes go wide as he looks down.

“What greatest gift?” Krunnk asks eagerly as he looks around for unclaimed presents.

“The gift, of giving.” The elf smiles back warmly, gently touching the ogres hand.

“BWAAHHAAHAHA! You funny. MOVE.” He laughs, plowing past the throngs of crying children and the stunned elf.

With sorrow in his eyes, the elf turns to the sobbing group of kids and offers a gentle smile.

“It's okay children. Frostfell is a time for miracles. A time for giving, and a time for ..” The gentle elf explains, but he's cut off by one of the children who screams excitedly.

“SANNA CRAWZ IS COMING BACK!” She shrieks in delight as she points towards the large red figure lumbering towards them.

Krunnk, the bag of gifts slung over his shoulder moves towards the line of children and the large throne that he just occupied, bringing cheers of joy from the crowd and cries of “miracle” from the elf.

“Forgot pretty chair. THIS MINE TOO!” Krunnk announces as he rips up the throne and throws it over one shoulder.

“YOU ALL NAUGHTY!” He says again defiantly before stomping off once more, leaving a stunned elf and a flock of crying children to ponder the true meaning of Frostfell.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016