Picking up where we left off in Stormglen village in our 1-10 guide for the Worgen in our: Worgen Walkthrough, we are going to finish off the quests right around Stormglen.

Quest chain flow through Gilneas

The Blackwald

The section of the Worgen quests lead to some more of the story line being explained as to why the forsaken are invading the land. Darius and his Night Elf partner explain how the Forsaken are trying to spread the Wolfen curse to the whole of Azeroth and trying to control it.  The Night Elves are trying to help stop this.


Tal'doren, the Wild Home - Find Darius Crowley at Tal'doren, in the heart of the Blackwald. Here you also find Darius in his Wolfen form.

At Our Doorstep - Kill 6 Howling Banshees to slow down their search.

Preparations – Bring 6 Moonleafs to Cassandra to help in her ritual.

Once this has been done Lord Darius Crowley will send you back into the woods to find an artifact and then to learn control over your shifting.

Take Back What's Ours - Use the Horn of Tal'doren at the Woods' End Cabin and retrieve the Mysterious Artifact located there. Make sure you use it outside the cabin before you engage anyone there however.  If you get to close all the guards there will jump you, and you will be running back from the grave yard.

The wells to drink from

Neither Human Nor Beast - Drink from the Well of Tranquility, the Well of Balance and the Well of Fury. These are found right in front of your location.

At this point you get to see a in game sequence that shows even more surprises.  The King a Worgen?

Stormglen Village

It is now time to start the final battle to take back Gilneas, head south to the Stormglen for a quick visit to continue the story line.

Return to Stormglen - Speak to Gwen Armstead in Stormglen.

Onwards and Upwards - Find Krennan Aranas on the road to Tempest's Reach.

Krennan explains that Lord Godfrey has betrayed and captured the King, who is in need of a resque.

Tempest Reach

Betrayal at Tempest's Reach - Use Krennan's Potion of Stealth in Tempest's reach and find and assassinate Baron Ashbury and Lord Walden.  Baron Ashbury is located to the north west and Lord Walden can be found on the island off the east coast.

Once you have completed Betrayal at Tempest’s Reach you talk to King Genn Greymane which starts another chain that sends you to Emberstone to the north. It also sends Lord Godfrey running off .

Flank the Forsaken - Speak to Lord Hewell to obtain a ride to the Livery Outpost and report to Lorna Crowley.

Emberstone Village

The three following quests can all be done at the same time in Emberstone and are meant to secure your flanking position for a flanking attack on Gilneas.

Liberation Day - Free 5 Enslaved Villagers inside the Emberstone Mine.

Slaves to No One - Slay Brothrogg the Slavedriver inside Emberstone Mine.

Last Meal - This is a gathering quest in which you need to slay the stags around the area until you obtain 10 Sides of Stag Meat.

Once those three are out of the way you can continue the chain with:

Riding for Gilneas City

Push Them Out - Slay 4 Forsaken Infantry, Executor Cornell and Valnov the Mad in Emberstone Village. You should be able to find all the enemies you need to the north east.  The Executor can be found by the Forsaken tent and Valnov is by the stables. Once completed the zone will phase.

At this point you are going to enter Gilneas City again.

Gilneas City

The Battle for Gilneas City - You need to talk to Krennan who is found just north to start the quest and then use the sword to summon assistance.  Achieve victory in the Battle for Gilneas City.

NOTE: this is a heavily phased encounter, you need to either join a group in battle and follow them or wait for a new battle to start.

Gilneas City
A map of Gilneas City

The Hunt For Sylvanas - For this quest you simply need to follow Tobias Mistmantle to complete it.

Vengeance or Survival - Speak to King Genn Greymane at Greymane Court inthe city. 

Slowing the Inevitable - The King will send you just outside where you will find a captured bat. Use the bat to destroy 6 forsaken catapults and 40 invading forsaken.

Knee-Deep - For this quest you are given a half-burnt torch and asked to use it to get through the tunnel to the other side of the city.  Add the torch to an action bar and use it whenever the rats get close to you as you race through the tunnel.

Laid to Rest - Once on the other side of the tunnel you are told that the escaping population has disturbed the dead.  You need to run around and obtain 5 Unearthed Mementos from the piles of disturbed soil.

Patriarch's Blessing - You place the blessed offerings at Aderic's Tomb and then you get to watch a cut scene before moving onto the next quest.

Keel Harbor - For this quest you simply need to make your way to Keel Harbor in Gilneas.

and speak to Lord Darius Crowley once there.

They Have Allies, But So Do We - For this quest you get to play with the very cool Night Elf Glaivethrower to slay 40 Orc raiders, 8 Wolfmaw Outriders, and 4 Orcish War Machines.

Endgame - Jump on a hippogryph when Tobias signals you and destroy the Horde Gunship. This is pretty much a scripted event that you get to sit back and watch, so enjoy.

Rut'theran Village - Once the scripted event for Endgame finishes you can talk to Admiral Nightwind and you will set off for the docks of Rut'theran Village in Teldrassil on Kalimdor.


Your next series of quests are located in the predominantly Night Elf area of Teldrassil. To get your first quest you talk to Krennan Aranas.

The Howling Oak - Speak to Genn Greymane at the Howling Oak in Darnassus. This is a quest that leads you to the new Worgen section of Teldrassil.  Even though it is based on finishing up the quest chain from Gilneas it is available to any race that talks to Krennan.

Breaking Waves of Change - Speak to Vesprystus in Rut'theran Village to secure a ride to Lor'danel.  This is where you start to follow the rest of the quest chains that the Night Elves in the area follow and you join the regular chains of world quests.

The Last Wave of Survivors - This is the last of the true Worgen quests.  To finish it you need to locate any refugees from Auberdine that are still alive.  Rescue Cerellean Whiteclaw, Gershala Nightwhisper, Shaldyn, and Volcor.

Continue Leveling

By this point you should be at or just past level 12 and ready to start completing the same quests in Telrassil as the Night Elves work on while leveling.  There will be many quests around Lor'danel that you can start working your way through.

As you start leveling and eventually run out of quests to complete in the zone of Telrassil you can either follow the natural quest chains as they lead you to new zones or jump to any other zone that is meant for your current level.  If you are really stuck on where to go, make sure you check out our Where to Adventure Guide.

You can get back to part one of this guide here: Worgen Walk Through Levels 1-10

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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