The first ever scenario to arrive to World of Warcraft is now live for a short duration for level 85s (September 17th, 2012 until September 24th, 2012) at which point it'll turn into a level 90 scenario for Mists of Pandaria. It’s a three person short adventure that can take any class combination, either three DPS or three tanks, and any mix thereof to complete a rather easy adventure that helps advance the game’s story. It comes in two flavors, an Alliance and a Horde version.

The scenario is broken into stages, with each stage having a set of objectives to complete. The monsters are rather weak and easy for any group to kill, although players who aren’t geared or properly prepared may find a slight challenge. No group that I’ve been in so far has had any problems completing the scenario.

Click here for the Horde version.

The scenario is accessed through the dungeon finder. Simply select “scenarios” and then tick Theramore’s Fall. You’ll need to be level 85 in order to enter the scenario. Upon successful completion, the scenario will give you a Tabard (the first time through) and a bag of loot which may contain 384s. You’ll need an average ilvl of 353 to enter the level 85 version and 425 to enter the level 90 version.

The Feat of Strength and tabard are only available for the first week only.

We’ll try to keep this walkthrough as spoiler free as possible, so you’ll need to play it in the game to see the full story unravel!

Theramore's Fall - Alliance

Stage One: Defend the Ship

  • Ship Defended

Half the groups I’ve been in have finished this step before I was finished with the cinematic. A few waves of enemies approach the ship, simply slay them in the name of the Alliance to complete the objective and move on to the next.

Stage Two: Sweep the Harbor

  • 0/3 Horde captains slain
  • 0/3 Horde ships torched
  • 0/20 Rok’nah invaders slain

This stage is a little bit more complex, but will probably be the most leg work you’ll have to do. There are three ships in the dock that you’ll need to torch by igniting the explosives on the vessel. Each ship has a captain too, that you’ll want to defeat in the process. The invaders are everywhere; just take care of them as you move from one boat to the next.

Stage Three: Into the Ruins

  • 0/1 Gash’nul slain
  • 0/2 Vicious Wyvern slain
  • 0/8 Rok’nah invaders slain

Move inward, toward the inner part of Theramore and you’ll take on a few groups of enemies, easily passing the invader objective. Gash’nul will arrive with two wyvern partners. Make quick work of them and then him. He’ll drop Storm Totems and you’ll be given the option to avoid (kite him away) or destroy. Two moonfires from my poorly geared resto druid was more than enough to send them away into the nether.

Stage Four: The Lady Proudmoore

  • 0/1 Jaina located

This is a filler step. Walk to Jaina and let her speak, she is in the center of Theramore hanging out with a frozen group of enemies. She’ll talk a bit and then give you your next assignment.

Stage Five: Destroy the Destroyer

  • 0/1 Gatecrusher destroyed
  • 0/3 Stolen Standard recovered

The standards provide a 15% damage bonus while you have them equipped. They’ll be around the area before the Gatecrusher. Once you aggro the Gatecrusher it will “set its sights” onto one player and fire its main weapon at them. A targeting circle will appear on the ground, so its bomb is easy to avoid, but if you do get hit then prepare for a good bit of damage.

Final Stage: The Last Stand!

  • 0/1 Warlord Rok’nah slain
  • 0/1 Jaina protected

Make your way back to Jaina who summons three water elementals. At which point three waves of orcs will begin to attack, along with Warlord Rok’nah after a short duration. My advice is to simply throw some AoE at the groups of enemies attacking the elementals and focus on Rok’nah when he appears. Use everything to burn him down as fast as possible. He changes weapons, but I haven't really noticed much affect other than spell reflect.

That’s it! The scenario is over! First time completion awards a Theramore Tabard and you’ll get a Spoils of War, containing a random 384 item or other loot (like fireworks). What do you think about the scenario? Leave a comment below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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