The first ever scenario to arrive to World of Warcraft is now live for a short duration for level 85 players (September 17th, 2012 until September 24th, 2012) after which it’ll move to level 90. It’s a three person short adventure that can take any class combination, either three DPS or three tanks, and any mix thereof to complete a rather easy adventure that helps advance the game’s story. It comes in two flavors, an Alliance and a Horde version.

Click here for the Alliance version.

The scenario is broken into stages, with each stage having a set of objectives to complete. The monsters are rather weak and easy for any group to kill, although players who aren’t geared or properly prepared may find a slight challenge. No group that I’ve been in so far has had any problems completing the scenario.

The scenario is accessed through the dungeon finder. Simply select “scenarios” and then tick Theramore’s Fall. You’ll need to be level 85 in order to enter the scenario. Upon successful completion, the scenario will give you a Mini Mana Bomb (the first time through) and a bag of loot which may contain 384s. You’ll need an average ilvl of 353 to enter the level 85 version and 425 to enter the level 90 version.

The Feat of Strength and mini mana bomb are only available for the first week.

We’ll try to keep this walkthrough as spoiler free as possible, so you’ll need to play it in the game to see the full story unravel!

Theramore's Fall - Horde

Stage One: To the Waterline

  • 0/6 Powder Barrels Rigged

After you disembark, open your map to see the location of the six ships that you’ll need to rig the powder barrels on. Make your way to each ship and clear it of any enemies, being careful of pulling too many. You can complete this objective without pulling everyone onboard a ship, so you may want to assign one person to pull if everyone isn’t geared really well. The powder barrels are always on the deck, either in the mid-section or more towards the front. They have a gear icon on top of them.

Watch out for the elite captains that sometimes spawn on the ship. They might give you a hard time if you pull too many and get overwhelmed.

Stage Two: The Blastmaster

  • 0/1 Blastmaster Sparkfuse informed

He’s a goblin located at the center area of the dock. Talk to them and he’ll explode the ships, starting the next stage. This also spawns a series of Alliance who block your path to your next objective, so have your group stand near the goblin when you speak to him.

Stage Three: Gryphon, Down

  • 0/1 Baldruc Slain
  • 0/2 Theramore Gryphon Slain

Move into the city, fighting the various footmen, arcanists, and other guards of Theramore. Your target is Baldruc, the flight master, who has a few Gryphons as guards. The enemies you fight here are pretty much the same ones on the ship, you can either take them group by group or snag a ton of them and AoE them down, depending on your group composition.  Baldruc doesn’t have anything interesting, he’s a simple tank and spank.

Stage Four: Tanks for Nothing!

  • 0/1 Big Bessa Slain
  • 0/3 Unmanned Tanks sabotaged

Big Bessa is in the north western part of time, you can locate it on your map, along with the unmanned tanks that you’ll need to sabotage. You can do this in one of two days. To save on time, you can have two players focus on sabotaging the tanks while a tanky player fights Big Bessa, or you can fight Big Bessa and then go after the tanks.

Big Bessa has two attacks. The first is a simple ram attack that you can circle strafe to avoid and the next is that it “sets it sights” on one player and spawns a red circle on the ground. Avoid the red circle, which again can be done by circle strafing Big Bessa.

Final Stage: Fly, Spy!

  • 0/1 Hedric Evencane Slain
  • 0/1 Arcane Shackles Key looted
  • 0/1 Thalen Songweaver freed

Go upstairs into foothold citadel and kill Hedric Evencane, he has a whirlwind attack that you’ll probably want to step away from. Once he’s slain, loot the key from him and free Thalen in the basement. This ends the scenario. You’ll receive a Spoils of Theramore which can contain fireworks or a random ilvl 384 epic and the first time you’ll get a Mini Mana Bomb.

That’s it! What do you think? Like it? Want more? Prefer dungeons? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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