Collecting Followers for your Garrison is pretty important. Not only do they help you complete missions, they also breathe life into your “home” in Draenor. Many Followers take loads of work and time to obtain. While these Followers are certainly worth the effort, wouldn't it be nice to be able to grab up Followers with little to no work?

Below you will find three Followers that live up to that very idea. These Followers are so easy to obtain that you'll find yourself wondering if it is to good to be true! Read on to learn more about these Followers and how to obtain them for your very own Garrison:

Goldmane the Skinner

Class/Spec: Assassination Rogue

Location: Nagrand (40,76)

Goldmane is a potential Garrison Follower that is being held captive in Ironfist Harbor, Nagrand. Ironfist Harbor is in the south west portion of Nagrand and is named on your World Map. Once inside the Harbor you will see a tower that is larger than the rest of the buildings here.

Fight your way through the Iron Horde to reach the tower. Please note, these are level 99 mobs, lower level players may struggle here. Head up the stairs inside the tower until you reach the top. Here you will find Bolkar the Cruel guarding a cage with Goldmane inside.

Kill Bolkar and loot him to collect the key to the cage. Release Goldmane who will then pop a quest, offering himself up as your Follower in his gratitude.


Class/Spec: Restoration Shaman

Location: Spires of Arak (54.3,62.9)

Leorajh is a Follower who is decently hidden in the Spires of Arak. However, once you find him, the work is pretty much done. Even better, Leorajh is available to both Horde and Alliance players! To find Leorajh, head to the southern portion of Arak, preferably heading to the Pinchwhistle Gearworks flight path. From here you will want to navigate your way to a cave called Leorajh's Den, just below Bloodmane Valley:

From here, you will find a hidden path just behind the large tree near the Den. This path leads up the side of the mountain. It is likely that you will fall, more than once. Don't worry, climb again until you reach the top.

At the top, head left to find another cave with cages and a lantern outside it. Inside the cave will be multiple Sun Charged Guardians. Kill them and progress through the cave. These guys respawn pretty quick, so keep moving!

At the end of the cave tunnel you will find an open room containing Sol-Shaper Valarik and a Sun Powered Guardian. Defeat Sol-Shaper Valarik (and any other nasty mobs you have pulled along the way). Leorajh will be kneeling in the center of the circle that Sol-Shaper Valarik was once facing. A quest will appear over his head and he will offer himself up to become your loyal Follower.

Weaponsmith Na'Shra/Artificer Romuul

Alliance: Artificer Romuul

Class/Spec: Holy Paladin

Location: Shadowmoon Valley (42.9, 40.4)

Artificer Romuul is an easy to obtain Alliance-Only Follower that can be picked up shortly after you build your Garrison. To find this NPC, go to the top of the rocky hill near Embaari Village, where you will find Romuul hammering on a very large purple crystal. Don't panic if no quest is available. Romuul is a part of a mini-event that occurs every 5 minutes or so.

Simply wait around until you see a pack of wolves approaching. Kill all the wolves to spawn the Wildfang Matriarch at the bottom of the hill. Multiple people can tag the Matriarch to get credit, but you MUST tag her at least once for the quest to appear. After the Matriarch has been defeated, Romuul will then offer up a quest in which he will become your Follower.

Horde: Weaponsmith Na'Shra

Class/Spec: Arms Warrior

Location: Frostfire Ridge (65.0,39.5)

Weaponsmith Na'Shra is available to all Horde players after they build their Garrison. Na'Shra can be found across the Cracking Plains, behind in the Pit of the Devourer, in the Gate of the Breakers. She will be standing outside a lava filled cave. She will offer a simple quest for you to complete: Smeltcraft. This quest requires you to take her mining pick and collect 20 Formic Ore.

While you may assume the Ore will be in the cave, it is not. Instead, the Formic Ore is scattered around the ground nearby. The Ore looks like small rocks and is pretty easy to find. Once you have collected 20 Formic Ore, return to Na'Shra. When the quest is turned in, the NPC will dig into the ground and then return to her campsite nearby. It is at this point that Na'Shra will offer another quest, offering to be a Follower in your Garrison.

That concludes our how to guide on obtaining three easy to obtain Followers. Be sure and keep watch for our next installment that will detail how to get four more Followers for your Garrison with little to no work! In the meantime, get to work collecting the Followers found above!

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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