Do you love Garrison Followers? Do you want even more Garrison Followers to add to your stash? We have you covered! Check out three (plus 1!) more easy to obtain Garrison Followers below!


Class/Spec: Arms Warrior

Location: Gorgrond (44.9, 86.9) (Shown as arrow on map)

Tormmok is a Garrison Follower that can be found in Southern Gorgrond and can be obtained by both Horde or Alliance players. On a small hill between the Horde Bastion Rise and Evermorn Springs flight points, Tormmok can be found making a last stand. When you first encounter Tormmok he will likely be fighting a host of mobs and he will appear hostile to you.

To obtain Tormmok you must come to his rescue. Step in a defeat the mobs he is fighting. If you do not, Tormmok will “die” and despawn for a short time. When the first wave of mobs is defeated, more mobs will spawn and run up the hill. These waves of adds will continue until finally Woodfist and two cohorts will spawn. Defeat this last wave and Tormmok will become friendly. Breeze through a chat with him and a quest will unlock that will allow you to make him your Follower.

If Tormmok is not in this location, wait for a little while. Tormmok could either have just died to the mobs or the event has just been completed by someone else. He will respawn in a short time and the event will take place all over again.


Class/Spec: Fury Warrior

Location: Gorgrond (41, 91) (Shown by arrow on map)

Blook is a potential Follower who hangs out in southern Gorgrond. Blook can be obtained by both Alliance and Horde players, if you can find him. Blook is a bit off the beaten path. To reach Blook we suggest you fly to Evermourn Springs and head east through Mountain Pass. After exiting the path, you will enter an area known as “Tailthrasher Basin”.

From here the path will branch into two. Take the path leading up the mountain, on the right. Follow this path and you will eventually run right into Blook. He will have a quest icon above his head. Accept the quest and turn it in and Blook will instantly become your Follower. It really is as easy as that! If Blook is not in this location, hang out for a few minutes. He will briefly despawn after someone has recently recruited him.

Archmage Vargoth

Class/Spec: Arcane Mage

Location: Talador (Shown by arrow on map)

The Image of Archmage Vargoth requires just a bit more work than the others. However, we consider the work to be minimal enough to still allow him to make our list. It is recommended/required that you be level 100 to pick up this Follower. You will eventually meet up with the Archmage in Talador, but this is not where your journey will begin.

Before you can obtain this Follower you will need to visit different places in Draenor and collect pieces of the Archmage's gear. These items are easily identified as they have large purple and gold globes.

The items and locations are as follows:

  • Mysterious Ring – Gorgrond (39.7,39.9) – In a volcano behind the Iron Horde Battlebeast.
  • Mysterious Staff – Nagrand (46.4,16) – On a small hill near Mr. Pinchy Sr.
  • Mysterious Boots – Frostfire Ridge (68,19) – Inside Magnarok, the level 100 area.
  • Mysterious Hat – Talador (45.3, 37) – In the center of Shattrath.

Collecting each item will give you a quest to turn that item into Zooti Fizzlefury, who can be found standing directly outside Khadgar's Tower in Taladar. Once you have turned in all the pieces, Zooti will offer you up another quest. After a short scene where Zooti performs a ritual, the Archmage will be revealed.

Turn in the quest to the Archmage who will give you another, turn in that quest and the Archmage will become your own personal Follower.

Bonus Follower! - Abu'gar

Class/Spec: Blood Death Knight

Location: Nagrand (67.2,56) (Shown by arrow on map)

While this article is supposed to only give you 3 Followers to add to your Garrison, I decided to tag an extra bonus Follower on the end. Abu'gar is another Follower, like the Archmage, that takes a bit of running around. He is located on a small island in the waters inside Stonecrag Gorge. When spoken to, Abu'gar will indicate he is a fisherman who has lost some of his gear.

To earn Abu'gar as a Follower, you must collect his lost gear from around Nagrand. The gear that needs to be collected is:

  • Abu'gar's Favorite Lure – 38.4,49.3
  • Abu'gar's Finest Reel – 85.5,38.8
  • Abugar's Vitality - 65.8,61.1

Locations of pieces shown as green dots on map:

Once you have collected all the gear, head back to Abu'gar who will now have a quest available. Turn in it and bam! Abu'gar will offer himself up to be your Follower. Remember, this quest will not appear until AFTER you have collected all the fishing gear.

That wraps up our list of 3 more easy to obtain Garrison Followers. We hope this has helped you add some more Followers to your arsenal with little to no headache. Did you miss out on the first three Garrison Followers? Check them out in our original post; Three Easy to Obtain Garrison Followers.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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