The raids in Mists of Pandaria make up the top level of PVE content in the game, and patch 5.2 brings even more of it to Mists of Pandaria. Through the LFR (Looking for Raid) system almost anyone can get in to and complete this top level content.

World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 brings with it the release of the Throne of Thunder raid which is the third tier of raiding in Mists of Pandaria. While it is considered one raid for normal and heroic mode, for LFR players it will be broken up into four sections. Each of these sections will be available to queue for separately and will each be covered by a separate guide on this side.

To be able to queue for this raid through the LFR system you must have an average item level of at least 480. If you do not have that yet, make sure you challenge yourself with the other previous raids to earn the required gear requirements and then return to this guide.

This guide covers the first section of the Throne of Thunder LFR and the three bosses you will encounter in it. They bosses found here are Jin'rokh the Breaker, Horridon, and The Council of Elders. This guide is meant for LFR players only, as it covers to most critical elements of the LFR version of each encounter. The full versions of these fights are more complicated and demanding and require more in depth knowledge than provided here.

Similarly, tanks are covered here briefly and it is possible to get through the LFR version with what is listed, but really if you are a tank you should do some more research and know the fights in more depth.

As an added bonus each boss also has a really short version of the essentials that can simply be pasted into raid chat to ensure that everyone knows the 25 words or less version of the fight.

Jin'rokh the Breaker

This is a first fight in the new raid, and is against an old ally from the Zul'Gurub raid days. The fight is a single phase fight that is essentially a gear check to ensure that your group has enough to attempt the next few bosses in the raid. There is a 7 minute soft enrage mechanic that means you need to do enough damage to defeat Jin'rokh in that time or very shortly after.

  • Electrified Waters will be cast 4 times throughout the fight. Each one fills 1/4 of the room and is beneficial to players for 1 minute. After which Jin'Rokh will corrupt it and it will deal damage to everyone in it, this happens to the fourth and final one at the 7 minute mark of the fight, thereby filling the room and becoming the soft enrage mechanic.
  • Players need to kite Focused Lighting away from other players if they are targeted and to not let it catch them while in the electrified water areas. The Focused lightning deals damage to anyone within 5 yards of it, or 8 yards when it catches its target, or everyone in the water if it catches its target while in water. If it does catch someone in water, it leaves behind a lightning fissure that stays behind and deals AOE damage to anyone nearby for the rest of the fight, or until another focused lighting passes nearby at which point it implodes dealing large raid damage and applying a 10% stacking damage damage increase to the raid for all future implosions.
  • The fight needs tanks to trade off whenever they are hit with Static Burst which causes them to suffer a Static Wound. If hit while static wound is active, a portion of the damage they suffer is dealt to everyone in the raid.

Jin'Rokh The Breaker Macro
/raid Kite lightning away from group and water. Stay in water while it buffs, get out when it starts damaging. Use cooldowns when in buff water phases.


This is fairly long and complicated fight with five different phases. Four of the phases involve dealing with adds that will be coming though a gate from around the room. The adds vary depending on which gate is currently open, but all are from the various troll clans. You must deal with the adds while also dealing with the boss. The fifth phase is when you finally get to deal with Horridon himself.

Throughout all Phases

  • Horridon has a front and back cone attack that must be avoided by players, make sure you stand to the sides.
  • Deal with Horridon until a dinomancer spawns, once it does burn it down as quickly as possible.
  • Once the dinomancer takes enough damage a green orb will drop, someone must click on it so that Horridon charges the currently open gate and thereby closing it and opening the next.

Phase 1 -The Farraki

  • Deal with the adds and move away from the Blazing Sunlight AOE damage effect (shows as a yellow AOE).

Phase 2 -The Gurubashi

  • Deal with the adds while moving away from the Venom AOE damage effect (shown as a green AOE).

Phase 3 -The Drakkari

  • Deal with the adds while moving away from the frozen orbs that deal heavy damage and slow anyone that comes within range.

Phase 4 - The Amani

  • Deal with the adds while making sure you stay away from the bears as they have a very nasty swipe attack.
  • Most importantly stay away from the lightning nova totems that they are summoned as they have a nasty damage ability that can one shot most players.

Phase 5 - Horridon and Jalak

  • Once all four gates have been closed the Wargod Jalak appears. Burn down Jalak quickly and then finish off Horridon, making sure DPS stays to the side as they have throughout the fight.
  • Once Jalak dies Horridon enters an enraged state attacking for more damage and faster, so if you can make sure Horridon is close to death so that you have to deal with him for less time.

Horridon Macro
/raid Stay to the side of Horridon, DPS down dinomancers, click green orb, avoid all AOE dps affects and totems. Kill Jalak and then Horridon.

Council of Elders

As the title of this fight suggests this is a fight against multiple bosses, as is typical of council fights. For this fight you will be fighting four different bosses, one from each of the four major troll tribes. There is also a 5th NPC that you are not able to attack or effect as it is a spirit. This is Gara'jal and he moves between the other trolls granting them bonus abilities until you force his spirit out.

This is a complicated fight since there are so many bosses and abilities in play. Therefore even with a guide, it will likely take a few attempts at it for most players to get a solid understanding of all the mechanics.

Gara'jal (Spirit)

  • Buffs other trolls with a bonus ability dependant on which troll.
  • Grants Dark Power as a resource that builds up over time and then it reaches 100 starts doing raid wide damage with no interrupt possible.
  • Forced out of the other bosses by dealing 25% damage to the current host, this also stops the Dark Power ability.
  • When he leaves a troll he also leaves a stacking buff on that troll that increases all damage by 10% and increases dark energy generation the next time he visits that boss. This makes the fight get increasingly harder as the bosses will be doing more damage and need to lose 25% health quicker each time.

Frost King Malakk (Drakkari)

  • This boss must be tanked and tanks must swap aggro before 15 stacks of Frigid Assault or they will be stunned for 15 seconds.
  • Hits random players with Biting Cold that set off AOE damage around them for 4 seconds.
  • When empowered gains the Frostbite ability, which is similar to the above AOE frost ability, except it lasts for 30 seconds and starts with 5 stacks of damage. These stacks are reduced by getting additional players into the affected AOE. In LFR you will need to stack at least 4 players in the area so that damage is as low as possible.

High Priestess Mar'li (Gurubashi)

  • Casts Wrath of the Loa which is an interruptible damage spell against a random player.
  • Casts a a Loa Spirit that moves towards the troll with the lowest health an heals them for 5% if it reaches them or it 20 seconds pass and it is still alive. They can be slowed or stunned and must be killed quickly.
  • When empowered the spirit ability is instead a DPS ability that targets a random raid member. If it lives to reach them or if 20 seconds pass it hits and kills that player.

Kazra'jin (Amani)

  • Reckless Charge targets a random player hitting them for damage and knocking everyone nearby back.
  • When empowered he becomes stunned for 20 seconds after a charge but gains a damage reflect shield during that time. This means DPS must ensure they use defensive cooldowns or to not hit him during this time or they will very quickly kill themselves.

Sul the Sandcrawler (Farraki)

  • Sul casts Sandbolt at random players which deals damage to that player and everyone around them, it is interruptible.
  • Also casts Quicksand at random players which leaves an AOE damage and slow zone there.
  • When empowered he turns quicksand AOE zones into adds that hit for significant damage and leave another quicksand AOE zone when they die.

Council of Elders Macro
/raid Slow and kill spirits as #1 priority! Focus on empowered boss, stack on frostbite victim, interrupt sandbolt and wrath of the loa as much as possible. Use cooldowns to survive Kazra'jins reflected damage.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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