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All Forsaken begin their un-lives in Tirisfal Glades. No race is more isolated than the Forsaken. Fighting not only against the Alliance forces but also the Undead Scourge held in ghastly thrall by the Lich King, few among even their allies in the Horde ranks would deem them trustworthy. Their presence is an aberration against nature, and their core motivations under the demon lord Verimathras are cloudy at best. Despite all the distrust, you'll note that many of the Forsaken simply wish to carry on their lives as before the Plague came; as you journey through Tirisfal Glades you'll see the twisted trappings of a humdrum existance. Apart from a few morbidly ambitious apothecaries, the Forsaken stance is predominantly defensive. In many ways, the Forsaken are two things they never wished to be: alive and alone. Yet, in defiance of their fate- an attitude reminiscent of the humans they once were, they carry on despite the circumstances. You can see why some have called World of Warcraft's Undead a roleplayer's dream come true.

The least you need to know

Generally speaking, you'll fly through the lower levels faster (and, in my opinion, more enjoyably) if you work your way through quests rather than attempt to grind for experience (that is, to simply kill every creature you come across that offers experience benefits like some level-happy psycho). If this is your first time out, quests are given by non-player characters (NPCs) with a yellow exclamation above their head, and generally require you to kill certain things and/or deliver items (or pickup items), and reward you with bonus experience and sometimes items or coin.



The natural progression, levels 1-10, is to complete the quests in the starting area of Deathknell, then proceed north then west to Brill. Your quests here will take you north of Brill's graveyard, then west to Solliden Farmstead area (and areas on the path between), and northwest to Agamand Mills. Questlines here will push you all the way to level 10 and beyond. After you finish just about all the quests in Tirisfal Glades, explore the principal Undead city of Undercity (southwest on the map), then head towards the Silverpine Forest or the Barrens on the continent of Kalimdor for your teen levels.

Other quick notes: if you plan to pick up the primary professions of skinning, mining, or herbalism (you can only choose one!) the sooner you can shell out the silver to the trainers in Undercity (a first aid trainer can be found in Brill as well), the better. Tirisfal Glades is rich with resources of every type, and the sooner you get started, the less backtracking through easier areas to progress your skill you'll have to do (this is especially true of the skinning profession).



Tirisfal Glades Map


You'll "awaken" in a mausoleum on the outskirts of Deathknell in the Silverpine Forest (check out the Travel Guide to establish your surroundings, though you won't be travelling very far yet). Head up the stairs and speak with Undertaker Mordo to get Rude Awakening. Shadow Priest Sarvis is further down the trail in the first building on the left. Talking to him will complete your first quest and earn you The Mindless Ones. The zombies you need are found in the lower section of the town, killing 8 of each and completing the quest with Sarvis will boost you up close to level 3.

Sarvis offers you Rattling the Rattlecages and Hallowed Scroll (or some variant of this; it's a simple quest designed to help you locate your class trainer). Next to Sarvis, Novice Elreth offers The Damned. Wrap up your class quest and train as appropriate (in the early levels, new spells are more worth your copper than equipment, so return to your trainer every time you turn an even level to train!). Scavengers and duskbats for "The Damned" can be found on the outskirts of the lower town (Mangy Duskbats and Ragged Scavengers deeper in will work too), and Rattlecages roam a little farther along the path. Cash in these two quests to push yourself over level 4. Elreth then offers Marla's Last Wish. Before tracking down Samuel Fipps, grab Night Web's Hollow from Executor Arren and Scavenging Deathknell from Deathguard Saltain.

"Scavenging" might be the easiest quest you'll come across. The boxes in question are found in and around the lower Deathknell buildings; you should be able to find 6 without any problems, but you can always leave the quest pending while you finish up other quests. Head northwest to kill spiders for "Night Web's Hollow" - the young night webs are located outside the mine, but the regular ones are inside the mine and are agressive - they'll attack you if you get too close. Finish these quests off, and Arren gives you The Scarlet Crusade - the human mobs for this quest are located a short distance to the southeast. The scarlet armbands you need drop a little less than half the time, so you'll probably need to kill 24 scarlet converts to complete the quest.

Finishing out "The Scarlet Crusade" gives you another quest for the same area: The Red Messenger. Head back to the camp to kill Meven Korgal. Since you've likely just turned level 5, hit up your class trainer for a "transfer" quest that will eventually take you to Brill on the outskirts of Undercity, but we've got some unfinished business in Deathknell first. With what you've learned, both Meven and Samuel Fipps (for the "" quest you got some time ago - follow the road north but don't go past the wall, Fipps is in a small camp off to your right) are no trouble at all, just clear potential aggro around these mobs first so you can fight them singly. Head back to town to finish out these last two Deathknell quests! Bury Samuel's remains just to the north of the church in the graveyard (note: this isn't the graveyard back near the mausoleum where you "awoke"). Arren gives you a delivery mission to Brill called Vital Intelligence,

On your way to Brill, you'll encounter Calvin Montague who has a quick delivery quest for the innkeeper in Brill. It's called A Rogue's Deal. You'll also come across Deathguard Simmer, who gives you Fields of Grief, and Gordo (you can't miss him!) who offers Gordo's Task. The gloom weed for the latter quest looks like a tiny purple tree. You can find it in abundance in the woodsy area just past the first fork in the road from Deathknell - might as well 3 as long as you're headed to Brill. On the outskirts of Brill, Deathguard Dillinger offers A Putrid Task.

Make your deliveries in Brill, then grab the following: Garments of Darkness from Dark Cleric Beryl (this is the priest variant of the level 5 class quest - yours may differ), At War with the Scarlet Crusade from Executor Zygand, Wanted: Maggot Eye from the poster next to the entrance to Brill's Town Hall, Doom Weed from Junior Apothecary Holland in the graveyard, and A New Plague (Part 1) from Apothecary Johann. I found it easiest to take care of the class quest first - it has a nice item reward too. Head north of the graveyard to fight off the Rot Hides and collect.the "Doom Weed" - there are certain spots where you can find Doom Weed under every tree. On the other side of the road, you'll find the darkhounds you need to complete "A New Plague (Pt 1)". Speak with the questgivers in Brill to complete these quests and get A New Plague (Part 2) from Apothecary Johann. Head west to take on "A Putrid Task" at and around Cold Hearth Manor.

If you've gotten a second backpack by now, you can equip it and head west to Solliden Farmstead to grab the pumpkins for "Fields of Grief". A bit further west and you'll find an encampment of Scarlet Warriors for "At War with the Scarlet Crusade". That's three quests complete, why not make it four before you head back to Brill? Swing into Deathknell and hit up Calvin Montague for the money he owes you for the "A Rogue's Deal" quest - he'll attack you but is easily dispatched. Give him a moment, and you can collect your dues. Back to Brill!

Finish out the quests, and you'll be offered the following: The Mills Overrun from Deathguard Dillinger, Fields of Grief (part 2) from Apothecary Johaan, and At War with the Scarlet Crusade (part 2), . Additionally, grab Proof of Demise from Deathguard Burgess, Deaths in the Family and The Haunted Mills from Coleman Farthing in the Gallows' End Tavern, and The Chill of Death from Gretchen Dedmar upstairs in the tavern. These quests will sweep you toward the northwest part of the map. It's easiest to grab the scarlet insignia rings for "Proof of Demise" from the Scarlet Warriors you had been killing near Solliden Farmstead, but you can pick up a few as you take care of "Scarlet Crusade" (mobs for which are found directly southwest of Brill- but might prove a tad difficult without a group until you're level 9). Either way, you'll return the extreme western part of the Solliden Farm area to take down murlocs. On your way, kill Greater Duskbats for "Chill of Death" - you'll only get one pelt for every 3 or 4 bats killed.Be careful with the "New Plague" murlocs if you're hunting solo; they tend to come in twos. Watch the spawn to see which mobs wander alone, and pull only when they're distant from other murlocs. From here (if your bags aren't bursting - it might be time to invest in a bag, or check out our Bag Guide for hints!), head northeast to Agamand Mills to take care of The Mills Overrun by killing Bonecasters and Soldiers.

When complete, it's back to Brill with you. Cash in your quests, and grab Graverobbers from Magistrate Sevren in the Town Hall and Delivery to Silverpine Forest from Apothecary Johaan. "Graverobbers" takes a bit of time; the graverobbers inhabit the area just north of Brill's graveyard, and the mongrels roam around Garren's Haunt farther north. But the really time consuming part is looting the embalming ichor; the drop rate is atrocious, though it can indeed be found on any dead Rot Hide. Sevren then offers Forsaken Duties and The Prodigal Lich. Take care of "Forsaken Duties" - it's a fast deliver and return quest, and Deathguard Linnea will offer you Return to the Magistrate and Rear Guard Patrol.

Now is an excellent time to journey to the Undercity - though you still have a few quest to do in Tirisfal Glades, visiting the bank vault, profession trainers, and the bat handler (which, after you visit other bat handlers on foot, allows easy transit throughout the continent of Azeroth) starts to become a priority. Plus, "The Prodigal Lich" takes you to the Magic Quarter in Undercity anyway. We'll have a guide to the ins and outs of Undercity soon!

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What's next?

Southeast of Tirisfal Glades lies Silverpine Forest, an ideal place to train thoroughout your teen levels. If the forest is beginning to make you claustrophobic and you're ready for wide open spaces, to my mind one of the best designed regions in the game (if you can stomach the Chuck Norris nonsense in broadcast chat) is the Barrens in Kalimdor - so it involves a quick trip on the zeppelin (the Thunder Bluff guide offers a concise method to get from Undercity to Thunder Bluff and the Barrens is on the way, so check out this guide if you need directions!). I'd personally choose Barrens after you've completed your class quest sfor fluidity of questing, line of sight, and other reasons. Feel free to tread your own path though; it's your world to explore!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to email me with comments, suggestions, or whatnot.





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