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"Restoring Ghoulbane" - Ghoulbane Heritage Quest
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Thanks to Kebia
of Oggok for this info.
  Head to the Library in
Stormhold. You may require a group depending on your level. The mobs
were blue (group 2-up arrow) mobs to a level 25.

  • Talk to the Librarian (in the library, which is
    located through a grate in a room east of the Atrium in Stormhold) and
    he will give you the access quest.

  • Kill Defiled Squires (near the chessboard,
    or second right first large room) until you receive all three pages
    the Librarian has asked for.

  • Return to the Librarian.

  • Kill Defiled Knights (first room fromfirst
    right at first room) until youreceive two more pages. [Thanks to

  • Return to the Librarian.

  • Head to the chessboard and KillLord Andros. He
    is a rare spawn so you may need to kill the priestplaceholders and
    wait. He is a level 20 group mob with two guards.

  • Head towards the spiral staircaseand into the
    barracks. Guard Captain Hess is another rare spawn who spawns at the
    very back of this room. You need to kill him. He also hastwo guards.

  • Head down the spiral staircase tolevel 2 and
    into the Atrium. Go South, and you will find a room with Defiled
    Cruasder(s), A Locked Strongbox and hidden in on the right two Zombie
    Handmaidens. Kill the Handmaidens to finish this part of the quest.

  • Head back to the Librarian who will tell you to
    go find a key. Why didn't he tell you all this in the first place? =)

  • Head to the entrance of StormHoldand look by
    the statue beside Sir Valinayle for a key. Grab the key andyou have
    access to Tomb of Valor.

  • The Tomb of Valor is located through the south
    door at the atrium, make aright once your in and head down through a
    grate in the floor. You'll need a group of at least three, all
  • You'll be forced to click the coffins, kill the
    Stormlord Spirits, and click the same coffins as soon as you can all
    along the room in order to spawn Lord Chesgard and complete the access

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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