SMITE has dozens of Gods and it can be difficult to know where to start. They all have individual roles, they all play vastly different and some are inherantly easier than others. I've tried to pull together a list here that covers a variety of God types (Warrior, Hunter etc.) but ones that are also flexible, fun and easy to play. What's also apparent on all of these Gods is that none of them are really out of the Meta, they aren't at the top of it either. This makes them a safe pick that will fit into most compositions. 


If you are interested in playing a Mage then Ra is a great place to start. The Egyptian God has a powerful kit that are mainly skill-shots. You may think that suggesting a God that uses skill shots would be bad for a new player, but Ra’s skill shots are great for learning because they affect a large area: kind of like teaching someone how to shoot with rockets before moving on to sniper rifles.

Although Ra isn't considered the best Mage in the meta (certainly right now) he's still a very safe pick. His Divine Light and Solar Blessing are easy to aim and have a large radius, while Celestial Beam is easy to release and relatively hard to miss with. His kit also provides some healing: valuable utility for your team. 


A very popular God amongst beginners and veterans alike, Ymir is great because he is easy to learn and relatively hard to master. His kit is fairly forgiving and has a variety of skills that offer utility and valuable zoning potential. His telegraphs are also large, ensuring that hitting a target is relatively easy. The fact his skills slow enemies also ensures that you can keep up with them, while making it particularly easy to hit them. His Glacial Strike 


Probably the easiest Hunter to play simply because her kit is so simple, Artemis isn't forgiving (no Hunter is - you need to aim well) but her skills are straight forward and incredibly easy to understand. Her Passive simply increases your critical strike chance, her Transgressor's Fate is a simple trap and Vengeful Assault simply increases her attack speed. Even her Ultimate ability, Calydonian Boar, is automatic and simply requires you to be within distance of the enemy before you fire it. The only caveat to Artemis, as with any Hunter, is that you need to be able to aim well. Fortunately, she's the best God to learn how to aim with.  

Sun Wukong

The Monkey King is a fast and powerful Warrior that has good escape potential and excellent sustain. Sun Wukong is also great for beginners because he pairs particularly well with the other Gods. The only downside to him is that he is one of the squishier melee Gods. You need to be fast with your escape and Ultimate when things get hairy or you’ll be quickly killed. I will stress however that unlike other Gods here, he has a higher skill ceiling. Positioning is important and using his skills for the right moment is key. Your Cudgel is for wave clear and AOE in fights, Eagle for escaping, Tiger for engaging and Ox for being brash and needing crowd control. Finally, your Ultimate for escaping or finishing off a foe. 


Probably the easiest Warrior to play, Vamana is easy to understand and his skills hard to fail with. I will forewarn - he isn't super popular but he isn't a poor Warrior either. He has some valuable crowd control, relatively good utility and he's also pretty fun to play. His Clear the Path is easy to use and hard to miss with, it's also a valuable escape should you need it. Armored Umbrella also provides a forgivable AOE clear. His remaining skills, Umbrellarang and Colossal Fury are also straight forward - the former a targetted shot that fires straight forward and the latter simply increasing the size and strength of Vamana. 

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Last Updated: Jun 28, 2016

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