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This quest is initiated in Zek, visit Grozmag the Trainer at location 416, 10, -146, which is just outside the Zek mines. You'll need to be level 30 to start the quest. He will give you a series of trials
to complete. Initiate the trials by going to the mines and taking the
elevator down to the bottom. There is a door near the shaft, at
location +312, -114, -111. The odd steps are solo only;
the even steps can be done with a group.

Trial 1: easy solo encounter; a single Zek
Berserker level 32 awaits you.

Trial 2: 2 Zek Berserkers, a Dark Knight, and
a Defiler. 2 of them are ^ mobs. All are level 32. Take out the Dark
Knight, then the Defiler, then the other 2.

Trial 3: 1 level 33 Zek Warrior and 1 level
33 v Pummeler. Fairly easy solo encounter.

Trial 4: 4 normal level 35 group mobs and a
level 35 ^ mob. Probably will need a group to finish this trial unless
you are 44+. Take out the Zek Destroyer first.

Trial 5: 1 level 36 Zek Defiler, a level 36 v
Berserker, and a level 36 vv War Wolf. Solo step; you probably want to
take out the Defiler first.

Trial 6: Level 38 ^^^ Champion, level 38 ^^ Inquisitor, and 2 level
38 wolves. Be sure your group takes out the Inquisitor first. (This step no longer requires a group)

After completing all 6 trials you will get the
final objective from Grozmag: to kill Emperor Fyst in Deathfist Citadel. Deathfist used to have quite a few requirements to get in and get it done, these have been listed. The Emporer is no longer a raid mob, and the zone has been changed quite a bit. There are no entrance requirements or access quests. For a run down on Deathfist, please visit this overview.

Before you enter Deathfist Citadel, it is a good idea
to turn down the settings on your display; this zone is notorious for
its lag, and group members may go linkdead. Be sure the group
knows where everyone is at all times.

The process of getting to Fyst is long and drawn-out.
Be prepared to spend 4 hours in DFC. Emperor Fyst is needed for this
heritage quest and also for the Rescue of the Green Hoods heritage
quest for the Short Sword of the Ykesha.

See the Rescue of the Greenhoods quest for
details in Deathfist Citadel.

When your group has killed Fyst, and you have
zoned back out to Zek, go see Grozmag the Trainer once more. He will
give you your reward.

Shiny Brass Shield is now available as a buckler or a
kite shield.

11 STR, 10 STA, 50 Health, 19 Power. Required level
40 to equip. Casts Brass Flash which has a 2% chance to stun the
attacker. AC of Kite version at level 48 is 752. That of Buckler is 188
at level 48.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016