Tabula Rasa's Pools zone is a beautiful mountainous region with rushing streams and crisp mountain air. It's also home to the Turpis Refinery which is a critical Bane industrial facility and crawling with infantry. Ten Ton Hammer gets inside this instance and shows you exactly how to complete your saboteur objectives and survive.

"Alright, soldier! I see you dragging around out there on the battlefield! It's time for you to take a break. Since the Brann drink all of our alcohol and carousing in Graviton armor is just plain dangerous, we need to find a way for you to blow off some steam. I've got the perfect place for you – Turpis Refinery. No, I didn't say 'distillery,' I said 'refinery.' Maybe those Penumbra folks can smuggle some hooch for you later, but right now I need you to pay attention.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016