Twenty-One Gaming Terms never knew you knew

EverQuest Humor by Coyote

After years of online game play you begin to develop a vocabulary that is almost alien from the "real world". Terms and slang are born from action, and as you learn new words and phrases - some things simply go unnamed and are accepted without title or definition...

...until now that is.

50 DKP Mimics - The phenomenon of everyone in chat imitating the infamous "50 DKP Minus" guy whenever anyone mentions the acronym "DKP" for any reason.

Anononeutral - The tone you take in private tells when a name you don't recognize sends you a personal message and you don't want to offend them by not magically knowing who they are.

Antici-bait-ion - The long awkward silence that breaks up raid chat as the raid leaders have to decide who the most worthless and least needed person is, so that they can take a one-shot insta-kill for the team.

Auto Wallow - The misery that comes immediately after returning to your computer during a stealth AFK only to find out that the person you were auto following NOTICED that you were auto following and lead you to your certain death, all the while laughing like a loon.

Deja-Boom - The sensation of dread you feel the moment you leap majestically off of a cliff only to realize that you are not on your main character, but an alt that doesn't have safe fall.

Holy Roller - A member of a group or raid that manages to win every dice roll by such a margin that you begin to honestly suspect that they are running some sort of super secret dice rolling hack software.

Leet Sneak - The art of tip-toeing to the computer to check your broker without your Mother/Father/Spouse or whoever banned you from the computer in the first place finding out and yelling at you.

Link Deed - Going link dead seconds before the Epic Encounter is killed and returning only to find out that you didn't get credit for the deed, experience for the kill, or that much needed quest update.

Murphy's Raw - Finding out that the one night in a month that you missed a raid was the night the class piece you needed or wanted dropped. Or worse, it dropped and there was no one of that class in the raid and it went to someone as vendor fodder or to someone who delights in linking it to you every seven seconds.

Name Rod - A guild member or close friend with a stupid character name that obviously violates the naming rules, but because of your association you can't in good conscience report them. No matter how embarrassing it is to be seen with them.

Namesis - Another player that got YOUR name before you could, forcing you to take a variation or a less desired name. For whatever reason you begin to harbor an unhealthy hate for this person and wish them dead whenever you see them even though they haven't actually done anything to you and have no clue that you loathe them.

Patch A Fit - What you do whenever you take a day off of work to play and it ends up being an "unannounced" patch day leaving you unable to get in game until a time when you would have been home from work ANYWAY.

Peepage - The flood of sounds and chirps that you hear in Raid-Chat the moment a Raid Leader states that they "don't want to hear a peep".

Plat Attack - What your heart does the moment you realize that you sold something for 5 gold instead of 5 plat because you accidentally clicked on the wrong icon.

Private Massage - A line of especially naughty cyber that gets accidentally broadcasted to guild chat during peek hours cluing the world into your cyber rubbings.

Rise and Shine(y) - The frantic scrambling and searching for the "feign death" icon so that you can deactivate it because you reached for a shiny - but the Shadow Knight in your group force feigned you in an attempt to snatch it for their own.

Road Raids - The anger, frustration and sheer annoyance you feel as you speed down the road because you are late for a raid.

Scream Shot - A screenshot of an epic mob, encounter, or treasure that you proudly show - only to later realize that you had incredibly embarrassing or incriminating text in your chat box at the time of said photo.

Shrub Snub - Jumping through a portal only to be denied entrance because you never harvested the location shrub at the druid ring.

Trappy Ending - The evil satisfaction and mischievous giggle you get in telling your group or guild leader that the exquisite chest is disarmed when in reality, it isn't. Hehe. Boom.

Wake Boarding - The futile swim you take after missing the boat by mere seconds in the vain hope that somehow you'll either catch it and magically get pulled aboard or somehow zone with it.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016