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Razorscale is a giant proto-drake found in Ulduar immediately after
Flame Leviathan, directly across from the Colossal Forge.  She
is one of the optional bosses found in Ulduar and does not need to be
defeated.  She is a fun and relatively easy fight though, so
is well worth fighting.

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10 Person Raid: 3,900,000 health

25 Person Raid: 12,600,000 health

Additional Creatures in
the Fight (Adds)

Rune Guardian
– The Guardians attack with normal
melee swings as well as a special Stormstrike which hits with both
weapons at once.  In addition, Stormstrike applies a debuff on
its target that increases nature damage taken by 20% for 12
seconds.  This debuff can be dispelled.

Rune Sentinel
– Sentinels are the largest of the
adds and have a whirlwind attack that hits everyone in melee range for
a large amount of damage.  It hits hard enough that it can
kill a cloth wearer very easily. All players other than the tank need
to stay at range.

Rune Watcher
– These are the smallest of the
adds and while they have physical attacks are primarily
casters.  They have access to a single target lighting bolt
spell as well as a chain lightning spell.  The chain lightning
spell is interruptible.


– If the fight lasts for more than 10 minutes, Razorscale
goes berserk.  Once berserk her attack speed is increased by
150% and all damage is greatly increased.  If she goes berserk
se will wipe the raid in just a few seconds.

– Razorscale can use this flame based
attack to hit a player for roughly 10,000 (6,000 in 10 player raids)
damage and leaving a flame effect on the ground.  Anyone in
the flame effect suffers roughly 10,000 (6,000 in 10 player raids)
damage per second that they remain in it.  The flames remain
on the ground for 25 seconds.  

– This is a single target spell that hits for roughly 12,000
fire damage.

– This attack hits everyone in
Razorscales front arc for roughly 21,000 fire damage (15,000 in 10
player raids).

– This ability increases the fire damage
that a player takes by 1,500 (1,000 in 10 player raids) per stack and
lasts 1 minute. It can be dispelled.

– This ability places a debuff on the main
tank that reduces armor, attack, and movement speed by 20%. 
The effect lasts 20 seconds, but can stack up to 5 times and resets the
time with each stack.

– Razorscale uses this ability any time
she frees herself from the chains in phase 1.  It hits all
players within 35 yards and knocks them back.



The fight with Razorscale is a two phase fight.  The first
phase consists of dealing with additional creatures (adds) while your
helpers repair harpoons that allow you to snare Razorscale and pull her
to the ground.  The second phase starts once Razorscale is at
50% heath and is stuck remaining on the ground.

Phase 1 – Add Phase

This phase required a few specific assignments.  First a
player needs to be assigned to turret duty (that is, to launch the
harpoons described below). Next there should be two tanks, one of which
is assigned to the Dark Rune Sentinels.  All DPS players
should be aware of their kill priority for the adds.  Ranged
DPS focuses on Sentinels, Watchers, and then Guardians.  Melee
DPS focuses on Watchers and then Guardians, leaving Sentinels for the
ranged DPS unless you are short on ranged.

[protip]Some groups choose to have everyone focus on the sentinels
first, and this works as well if you can burn them down before they use
whirlwind.  If they last long enough (roughly 10 seconds) they
will wipe out your melee players.[/protip]

Once everyone is aware of their roles, you can get into
position.  There are many possible positional strategies to
use. The simplest, though, is for everyone to form up just inside the
front edge of the circle in front of the harpoon launchers. 
As adds spawn, the tanks will try to group them up as near as they can
to this point.  The exceptions are when devouring flame is in
the middle, in which case they will move towards the north or south
edge, or when a sentinel is spawed.  When a sentinel is
active, the assigned sentinel tank will move them away from the group
but still close enough for ranged to hit them.  

[protip]Some groups find making a north / south group or
east / west group easier than one central group, but both methods
work.  Experiment and see what works for your group

This phase starts when someone in the group talks to the Expedition
Dwarves in the room.  At this point they will start attempting
to repair the harpoon turrets in the room.  In 25 man raids,
there are four turrets; in 10 man raids there are only two. 
the event starts players move into the positions as described above and
work on adds until the turrets have been repaired.  While
doing this, it is critical that they avoid devouring flame and keep
moving out of it as quickly as possible.

The player assigned to launch the harpoons should fire them at
Razorscale as soon as each one is available, with the exception of the
last one.  Before firing the 4th harpoon (2nd in 10 player
raids), the assigned player should check with the tanks and announce
that they are ready to launch.  Ideally you want just a few
adds left, and no sentinels or watchers active. As soon as this
condition is met, you call that you are launching the last turret and
do so.  

Once the last harpoon is fired, all DPS must immediately concentrate in
the center of the ring on the ground and start damaging Razorscale who
will be pulled to the ground.  The goal is to do as much
damage to her while she is on the ground as possible and you only have
about 25 seconds.  Players should use any burst damage
abilities they have.  If there are any adds still alive, one
tank holds them while the other helps DPS Razorscale.

After 25 seconds she will break the chains, cast wing buffet, and
launch herself back into the air.  The group then returns to
dealing with adds while the turrets are repaired again.  This
cycle repeats until you drop Razorscale to 50% health.

Phase 2 – Ground Phase

Once Razorscale is reduced to 50% health, she remains on the ground and
the adds stop spawning.  However, any of the Dark Rune minions
that are still alive will need to be killed before the raid can truly
focus on Razorscale.

The tanks job here is to continue to move Razorscale around the room,
while keeping her facing away from everyone.  She needs to be
moved as she will continue to use her Devouring Flame ability and leave
the flame areas on the ground.  In this phase, she also starts
using her Fuse Armor ability on the main tank.  If the fuse
armor stack ever gets to 5 stacks the tank will not be able to move at
all.  To prevent this any time the off-tank should taunt off
of the main tank any time fuse armor reaches 2 stacks.  Once
the off-tank has 2 stacks the main tank pulls threat back.

DPS and Healers follow the tanks path around the room, DPSing and
Healing.  Since Razorscale has a large hit box, spread out
around her sides and back as you follow her so that when devouring
flames hits someone it is not underneath everyone right away. 
Pay careful attention to the flames locations since everyone will be
moving constantly.  You have up to 10 minutes from the time
you started the encounter to defeat Razorscale, ideally you want to
have her down on the ground with at least 3 minutes to spare. 
Once on the ground the fight is relatively easy.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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