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One of the most interesting and involved fights in the Ulduar raid in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is the Mimiron fight.  It is challenging, entertaining, different, and all around fun.  The fight is a long four phase encounter with a mechanical gnome name Mimiron and his mechanical creations.  In each of the first three phases you fight a different creation, and then fight all of them merged into one in the fourth and final phase.


10 / 25 Person Raids: 1,700,000 health

Mimiron’s Creations

Leviathan MKI

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Mimirons first phase as a tank

The leviathan MKII is a tank like vehicle that is very similar in appearance to the first boss in Ulduar, the Flame Leviathan .

10 Person Raids: 1,700,000 health
25 Person Raids: 6,900,000 health

Napalm Shell – This attack launches an AoE shot at a set point on the ground.  It will target a player, however since it has a cast time you can move out of the area before the shot hits the ground.  It hits for roughly 10,000 fire damage (8,000 in 10 player raids) and places a DOT effect on anyone affected which deals roughly 6,000 damage per second (4,000 in 10 player raids) for eight seconds.

Plasma Blast – This is a very nasty single target attack that hits the Leviathan MKII’s target for roughly 20,000 arcane damage per second (16,000 in 10 player raids) for 6 seconds.  It takes the Leviathan three seconds to cast before it starts doing damage.

Proximity Mines – Mimiron throws out mines in a circular pattern around him roughly every 30 seconds.  They stay in place until someone runs over it, disarms it, or 35 seconds pass.  When they explode they cause roughly 20,000 damage (12,000 damage in 10 player raids) to everything in a small radius.

Shock Blast - This is an AoE attack that kills everything within 20 yards of the Leviathan MKII.  It hits for roughly 100,000 damage and takes the Leviathan five seconds to cast.


The VX-001 is a turret type creation that is positioned in the center of the room and does not move, other than turning. 

10 Person Raids: 1,700,000 health
25 Person Raids: 6,900,000 health

Heat Wave – This attack hits a target roughly 10,000 fire damage (8,000 in 10 player raids) and places a DOT on them that does another 3,000 damage per second (2,000 in 10 player raids) for five seconds to anything around them.

Rapid Fire – The VX-001 fires up his guns for a short burst and hits everything in front of him for roughly 4,000 damage (3,000 damage in 10 player raids).

Rocket Strike – Rocket strikes target 2 small areas on the floor (1 in 10 player raids) and then start a 4 second launch sequence.  Once launched the rockets fly to the marked areas and obliterate anything standing there.

Laser Barrage - This is pre-announced by the VX-001 “spinning up.”  After a four second cast time he deals roughly 20,000 damage to anyone in his front arc.  He then continues to strafe sideways for roughly ¼ of the room shooting continuously.

Aerial Command Unit

The command unit is a flying attack vehicle that hovers over the battlefield launching ranged attacks and summoning bots to attack players/ 

10 Person Raids: 1,200,000 health
25 Person Raids: 4,600,000 health

Plasma Ball – This attack hits whoever the current agro target is for roughly 15,000 damage. 

Summon Assault Bot – These large melee bots have approximately 600,000 health (160,000 in 10 player raids), and use a magnetic field to trap players in place and increase the damage they take.  In addition when you destroy the assault bot you can look the Magnetic Core for use against the Aerial Command Unit.

Summon Bomb Bot – These bots have very low health, only about 50,000 (22,000 in 10 player raids), and explode when destroyed or when they reach their target.  The explosion hits everyone in a five yard radius for roughly 25,000 fire damage.

Summon Trash Bot – These are small annoying melee bots that do not hit that hard but can annoy healers and casters.  They have roughly 190,000 health (70,000 in 10 player raids).


This is the combined version of Mimirons creations.  All three previous creations stack up on top of each other to form the V-07-TR-0N

10 Person Raids: Each section starts at 50% base health
25 Person Raids: Each section starts at 50% base health

The sections have some, but not all of their previous abilities.  The Leviathan MKII retains its mines and shock blast ability, the VX-001 keeps its rocket strike and laser barrage abilities, and the Aerial Command unit keeps its plasma ball ability.


As described earlier, this fight is broken down into several parts.  In each part you fight one of the creations described above.

Phase 1 – Leviathan MKII

This phase works the same as several other existing fights with an AoE blast component.  The tank and melee engage, while ranged and healers spread out around the room.  Any time a shock blast is cast, someone in the raid needs to call it out, and everyone needs to clear out to at least 15 yards away from the boss.  To complicate this, there will be mines surrounding the boss that need to be avoided.  Players need to watch when they are thrown out and plan ahead for an escape route.

The first phase also requires some very coordinated healing, as every time plasma blast is cast the tank will take substantial damage.  There are many things that can be done to mitigate this damage, but if healers are all on the tank, they can keep him alive.

 [protip]The plasma blast is the hardest hitting attack in this fight and has to be planned for.  Tanks can use their damage reducing abilities for one plasma blast, Paladins can absorb some of a tanks damage if specced for it.  Healers can and should pre-stack HOTs on the tank for this portion of the fight, and Paladin healers can rotate lay of hands if required.[/protip]

With a good group, the plan should be to not take more than 2 plasma blasts, which means defeating him in a little less than 3 minutes.

Phase 2 – VX-001

In the second phase the VX-001 spawns in the center of the room.  There is no tank in this phase as the VX-001 does not use an agro table.  Ranged DPS and healer stay at range spread out around the room and get ready for the fight, while tanks and melee DPS close in to the center for the fight.

Through out the fight anyone in front of the VX-001 will take damage, so all players need to watch who he is targeting and move behind him whenever possible.  Also players need to watch for the rockets be launched and get out of the impact areas.

Lastly, when you see him casting laser barrage you need to ensure you are on the other side of him or you will get blasted to next Tuesday!  Continue avoiding incoming damage, while healers keep players up until you defeat him.

Phase 3 – Aerial Command Unit

In the third phase the Aerial Command Unit floats out and needs to be tanked, despite not being in melee range.  This can be accomplished in a couple of ways, the best is with a warrior tank taunting him as soon as he comes out and then using spell reflect to send most of the damage from Plasma Balls back at the command unit.  This returned damage makes healing the tank much easier and allows the warrior to generate a lot of threat even though they can not hit him.

[protip]In 10 player raids a well equipped Hunter or Warlock can also tank the Aerial command unit, however they will take much more damage than a warrior.  A lot of who will tank the command unit depends on your raid makeup.[/protip]

In addition to the range based main tank in this phase, your group will also require a melee tank to gain agro against all the bots that spawn in this phase.  Players need to cluster in one section of the room with the melee tank, while the main tank moves the boss to the opposite side of the room.

The melee tank needs to hold the adds that spawn while melee DPS kills them.  Ranged DPS should stay focused on the boss whenever there is threat room.  When the boss spawns a bomb bot it will appear right underneath him, and everyone needs to start killing it immediately as it will severely hurt the group if it reaches the players.

When an assault bot spawns it is tanked until DPS kills it.  When it dies a DPS player should loot it to gain an electromagnet.  With an electromagnet you can pull the boss down into melee range for a brief period of time.  While in melee range he boss is stunned and takes additional damage.  Keep getting magnets to pull him down into range until defeated.

[protip]An alternate strategy is to keep killing assault bots as they spawn until you have 3 magnets, then use them one after another to pull the boss down into melee range.  While down, the melee DPS moves in and starts killing it.  As soon as the stun is done, the DPS player with the magnets drops another.  By doing three back to back, you allow your melee DPS to stay in place and focus on damage, rather than running around.  In three successive magnet phases you should be able to defeat him.[/protip]

Phase 4 – V-07-TR-0N

In the fourth and final phase all three previous components merge together into one creature.  Each component still retains its own health, is targetable individually, must be tanked, and begins the phase at 50% health.

The tanks that held the components in phase one and three must once again hold the same component.  Players then go through the same sequences they did for the first three phases, watching for all of the abilities that were used before.  The most important to watch for are the shock blasts and the laser barrage since they have the potential of wiping the raid.

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Follow these strategies and Mimiron will soon end up as a pile of junk

DPS needs to be split up between the three different sections, keeping in mind that just as in phase three, melee cannot reach the command section.  DPS needs to be split and damage monitored so that all three sections are defeated at the same time, or at least within 10 seconds of one another.  If you defeat a section and the other sections are not killed within the time limit it will respawn. 

Having a designated player watching the three different sections health and reallocating players as required makes this much easier to manage.  From the time you first engage Mimiron you have 15 minutes to defeat him at the end of phase four.

Players need to be aware of what is going on, and need to adjust around to what is happening in the room.  Be aware of the need to run away from Mimiron to escape the blasts, watch for missiles, and get around the back for his laser barrage.  It is a lot of moving and after the amount of time your group will spend on the first three phases, expect your healers to be near out of mana and out of tricks.  Minimizing damage take throughout the fight is critical and really the last phase usually comes down to how much your healers have left.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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