• How does combat work in Tabula Rasa
  • Don't First Person Shooter games require a certain level of skill and fast movement?
  • Is there melee combat?
  • How does the enemy AI work?
  • How do Logos abilities work?
  • What type of weaponry will we see?



  • How does combat work in Tabula Rasa?

    Combat has been confirmed to be performed in one of three ways: ranged attacks, melee attacks, and Logos attacks. Ranged attacks are made utilizing the standard guns you'd see in every good science fiction film. Rifles, Shotguns, Rocket Launchers and other nifty projectile throwing items which allow you to hurt things. From what we've seen recruits will have access to the basic weaponry leaving the more advanced to certain higher level classes.

    There will be other methods to hurt things and in many cases it will be more viable than ranged attacks. Melee attack, which is a skill everyone will have, will be possible by running up in range and executing them. Many demonstrations have also showed special situations where a "finishing move" can be used on the target to perform spectacular maiming.

    The final type of abilities consist of "Logos" which are special skills unlocked by collecting symbols throughout the game. The "Lightning" ability has frequently been shown as an electrifying ranged attack shocking multiple enemies. We can expect a number of different Logos abilities belonging to different classes.

  • Don't First Person Shooter games require a certain level of skill and fast movement?

    According to a video interview with Starr Long, Tabula Rasa is a role playing game at it's essence and while the game may appear to be the standard action shooter it will utilize sticky target assisting. This means the targeting reticule will only have to be placed near the target and will snap into place allowing for shots to be based on mechanics versus twitch skill.

  • Is there melee combat?

    Melee combat will take place by moving within range of the target and executing a basic hand to hand attack available to all classes. There are also what the developers referred to as a "critical strike" which is denoted by a red skull over the creatures head. Completing a melee attack at this point will destroy the creature in a spectacular way involving limbs and purple goo.

  • How does the enemy AI work?

    Most traditional MMOG's complete combat at very close range, however the enemies in Tabula Rasa will react and attack based on unique abilities each one possesses. Some have very powerful melee attacks, other will fire with advanced weaponry, and some are even mechanical such as Stalkers or Predators.

    It will be important for players to utilize different strategies to defeat each type of enemy.

  • How do Logos abilities work?

    Logos are similar to what traditional MMOG's have called spells. You are unable to use a Logos ability until you have collected the symbols necessary and train yourself with a class specializing in it. They are unique skills which provide unusual and devastating effects to the enemy frequently turning the tide of battle.

  • What type of weaponry will we see?

    The weaponry of Tabula Rasa is extensive and based on your class. While the earliest levels will allows anyone the use of weaponry such as shotguns, rifles, and pistols specialization comes with training in higher level skills. It's important to note that support classes might not have unique weaponry listed. It is either unknown or they are meant to have skills instead:

    Recruit: Shotguns, Pistols, and Rifles

    Soldier: Chainguns

    Specialist: Density Field Gun

    Commando: Launchers

    Ranger: Net Guns

    Sapper: Polarity Guns

    Grenadier: Propellant gun (flame thrower)

    Guardian: Staff weapons

    Sniper: Unknown

    Spy: Unknown

    Demolitionist: N/A

    Engineer: N/A

    Medic: N/A

    Exobiologist: N/A

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016