by: Kiara

Get your Update! Hot off the ... keyboard?

It's about that time again. Our beloved little game has gone through another growth spurt.

With this update, tradeskill writs have been added back into the game. New and improved tradeskill writs even. They come in two incarnations. Timed and not.

Timed Writs

These are HARD. OH MY GOD. I did one tonight, yeah that's right, one. It took me five tries. Everytime I'd get to almost the end, BOOM! BANG! CRASH! The stove blew up right in my face and I failed. This is extremely frustrating. BUt the reward for finishing is well worth it. You have to be a hardened tradeskiller to do these suckers. You need to know how and when to use your buffs to their fullest benefit or you'll never finish in time. Even then, they're hard to get in under the time limit because sometimes, your tradeskilling station takes a shine to you and decides to get nasty. * glares at the stove *

Regular Writs

These are the same as the timed writs, just with no timer. Much less frustrating, that's for certain. There's a nifty little story attached to each writ and they aren't as boring and cookie cutter as they used to be. They also appear to be MUCH more in line with the effort required and give tradeskillers a chance to really contribute in a big way to their guilds.

Two, rather singed, thumbs way up.

With the tradeskilling writs, come also the ability to imbue such things as ammo bags (whatever they're called) and bandoliers and the like. This is nifty because they couldn't be before the update and they really just seem like something that ought to be imbueablebleble... Sorry, got a little carried away there.

New Hats!

Assassins, Bruisers, Defilers, and Troubadors all have new hats now! YAY!! These folks can go trade in their hats to that STUPID bird thingie (this means climbing that atrocious chain again) and get a brand spanking new hat with nifty new graphics.

This is a welcome change for some, although the Dirges are still stuck with the little beret thingie that looks like a pancake sitting on their heads. But hey, that's what Dirges are for, right? Mocking because they don't heal as well as the rest of the healers. What? Dirges aren't healers? Oh... Maybe that's why they can't keep the group alive...

Increased Experience

I'm not sure how I feel about this one way or the other. On the one hand, I can totally get behind it for soloers, because wow, is soloing slow work. One way or the other though, I'm sure this can't fail to go over well with everyone. I mean who doesn't love more experience for smooshing the creepy crawlies?


* watches the little short dwarf running towards the tall guy in the white suit *


As with the last update, this one brings furtherance to the returning of the Gods to Norrath. Two more live events, introducing more storyline and lore and giving new quests to help bring about the return. This time it's War and Tranquility. Fun stuff.

I haven't done the quests yet, and I may boycott on principle. I'm still miffed that I, as a Dark Elf, can't worship Quellious if I choose without moving back to that awful sugar coated It's a Small World ride of a city called Qeynos. Besides, I've never liked the god of War.

There's some other stuff in the Update, but pft, who really cares about PvP and UI controls, and items and junk! Well, obviously a lot of people, so please make sure you check all of this out, as the changes appear to be very good indeed.

This is another one of those nothing to protest updates. So naturally, people will be all kinds of up in arms about something. Personally I'm still marching about the change from Live Updates to Game Updates. * nod *

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016