One of the most hotly contested areas in the entire zone, Wilderness LZ is under constant barrage from Bane forces who would love nothing more than to keep you from completing important missions. Beyond the normal token collection of control points, LZ has a number of tasks that will not only advance the story, but provide some great experience and rewards. Ten Ton Hammer has revamped it's complete guide to this area and provides all you need to know.

Wilderness LZ is an AFS landing zone located south of the Lower Eloh defensive position. While moderately safe, keep in mind this is a control point meaning the Bane not only attack, but frequently overrun this position shutting down nifty things like "teleporters" and "hospitals." The nearby Memory Tree is an important and mysterious location atop a hill heavily assailed by Bane forces and fiercely defended by Foreans. There are no amenities such as a vendor or hospital at Memory Tree but you'll have a few missions that take you to this location.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016