There is nothing an MMOG player loves more than a good dungeon crawl. With blood, sweat, and people going linkdead, nothing says a good time like group wipes and loot. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning provides these opportunities but one of the most exciting is in the Tier 3 area of Badlands and called Mount Gunbad. This multi-leveled instance provides player groups with hours and hours of challenge ending in some of the most epic battles seen in the game. Ten Ton Hammer begins it's series on Gunbad with a primer which will provide a basic overview and helpful tips to prepare you for adventures here.

Gunbad is an instanced contested dungeon located in the most northwestern section of the Badlands. This content is designed for groups roughly level 22-32 consisting of 3 different paths of increasing difficulty and a single group instance at the end of each. Each path has a series of Public Quests which all contribute to an influence bar with some extremely nice rewards. They won't be easily obtained however, because as stated above this is group content and the influence requirements aren't light. You won't find any RvR combat in the dungeon itself as it's split into different instances for Order and Destruction, but the exterior entrance is frequently a flash point especially on Open RvR servers.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016