Young Warrior Priests, Bright Wizards and Witch Hunters in Mythic Entertainment’s Warhammer Online, take heed! The Empire needs you in the continuing fight against the forces of Chaos, and the Norse Invaders. Travel to your muster spot at the Grey Lady Coaching Inn in central Nordland, and wait there for orders. Thus begins the next stage of Empire Public Quests with Chapter 2: The Muster of Nordland. Ten Ton Hammer’s guide will take players from a castle on a hill, to a scenic shoreline, and through a burning mill in their continuing adventures in Nordland.

Protect the Griffon Sea Watch. There are 8 friendly NPCs at the top of the hill that you must protect. To survive this stage, there must be at least one of these NPCs left standing at the end. The ships of invaders will all beach themselves in the same spot; the central area on the shoreline. Your group needs to aggro every invader that lands, in order to keep them from sneaking up the hill to attack the friendly Griffons. Anyone with an AOE attack is ideal for this area, as they can grab as many of the invaders as possible. You must continue to defend from oncoming waves of invaders, until the timer runs out.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016