The Witch Elf RvR Guide:

Part 2

We continue our guide on RvR with the Witch Elf, picking up where we left off in Part 1. In Part 2, we will take a closer look at the three Mastery Paths for the Witch Elf, and some basic strategies as we move into Tier 2.


So now you're entering Tier 2 as a Witch Elf. You have left countless corpses in your bloody wake, and you're pondering what awaits you in Tier 2. Have no fear (like those snivelling Empire!), you will continue to kick ass! In fact, Tier 2 is where your abilities really start to shine. On the downside, your opponents will start to concentrate on you if they get the chance knowing the awesome damage that you can do. Spending your Mastery Points will increase your already extremely deadly abilities.

Mastery Path

Starting at rank 11, you will begin to earn Mastery Points at every second level. These points are spent on your chosen Mastery Path to gain new abilities and enhance abilities that you already have. You have 3 paths to choose from: the Path of Carnage, the Path of Suffering, and the Path of Treachery. Now, let's take a look at each path and what changes they have upon your Witch Elf. It's recommended that you choose a single path and spend all your points on it. Spreading your points over several paths will dilute your abilities. Decide what style of play is best for you and choose that path. Remember! You're a Witch Elf, focused and deadly. You're not some flower-picking pansy High Elf! If, for some reason, you realize later on that you don't like the path you have chosen, you can respec.

The Path of Carnage

This Mastery Path focuses on melee combat for the Witch Elf. This path is great for increasing the damage inflicted by you for various attacks and reducing your opponent's abilities, especially armor. This path enhance the following abilities: Slice, Vehement Blades, Ruthless Assault (which you receive at rank 12), Kiss of Agony, and Sever Limb (which you receive at rank 14). This path is the most common one taken by Witch Elves. It's simple and brutal. There's no finesse here. It's all about lowering your opponent's armor and inflicting as much damage as possible. You can buy the Sharpened Edge Tactic which reduces your opponent's armor by 75% for 3 seconds if you use a Frenzy (such as Ruthless Assault). This path is perfect if you just want to rush in and tickle your foe's ribs with your daggers. Each point spent in this path enhances the five abilities listed above, so make sure you spend your points as soon as you get them! Every few points of damage can make a difference of dropping that Bright Wizard or having him burn you into a cinder.

Tip: It costs you a point to buy any ability or tactic in Mastery Paths. Not only must you fill the Mastery Bar past the ability, but then you must also spend a point to get the ability.

The Path of Suffering

This Mastery Path specializes in poisons and weakening effects. This path can cause a great deal of damage to your foe, but the damage is inflicted over time. It can be extremely useful as that the core abilities associated with this path can be stacked multiple times and can reduce the target's wounds. In addition, this path is great if your enemies have a tendency to flee from you. With several DOTs on them, chances are that they'll succumb to your poisons and die after fleeing a short distance away. How gratifying is that? The following abilities are enhanced by this path: Enfeebling Strike (which you receive at rank 20), Envenomed Blade, Heart Render Toxin, Wracking Pains (which you receive at rank 25), and Kiss of Death. You can buy the Kiss of Tactic which increases your chance of a Kiss ability by 25%. This path is interesting, but damage over time can be problematic. Giving an enemy a chance to heal is never a good idea. Doing a massive amount of spike damage works a lot better at this tier than a continuous smaller amount of damage given. In addition, several abilities are not yet available to you in Tier 2, such as Wracking Pains, or not available until the end of Tier 2, such as Enfeebling Strike.

The Path of Treachery

This Mastery Path focuses on surprise attacks and positional combat. The abilities associated with this path are: Agonizing Wound, Throat Slitter (which you receive at rank 16), Puncture (which you receive at rank 28), Kiss of Betrayal (which you receive at rank 35), and Treacherous Assault (which you receive at rank 30). You can buy the Swift Movements Tactic which reduces the cooldown for Feinted Positioning by 40 seconds. This tactic really isn't worth the point spent on it. Once combat begins, it is extremely hard to position yourself directly behind somebody. Even with the 40 second cooldown, you're still looking at 20 seconds for this ability to renew. This path is great if you want to be the lone wolf style of assassin; creeping up behind an enemy wizard or healer, then leaping out of the shadows and delivering several quick attacks while negating their armor. However, at Tier 2, I don't recommend this path at all as that most of the abilities associated with it you're unable to get until higher level. Combat flows continuously and it becomes extremely hard to be able to focus on your position. This path, at higher levels, can be very great for dealing with magic-using enemies. However, at this tier, it's probably best to focus on damage.


Stay queued up for Scenarios at all times. Your blades are always thirsty, so let them drink your opponent's blood often! Use your Shadow Prowler ability as much as possible. Let the Tanks in your group take the brunt of your enemy's attack while you make your way behind the enemy. Attack their weaker members, healers first, then wizards. Always make sure to use your Sever Limb and Throat Slitter abilities whenever possible! Sever Limb can only be used after you make a parry, but if used, your opponent will be disarmed for 5 seconds. Chortle with glee as that Dwarf Ironbreaker can't use his big weapon! Throat Slitter makes an enemy unable to cast magic for 3 seconds. 3 seconds might not be that long, but it will give you time to get in a couple of quick attacks. In Tier 2, you will continue to reign as a death dealing machine. Your enemies will fear you and your comrades will be in awe of your might. Good hunting!

In Part 3, we will look at Tactics and Tier 3 for the Witch Elf!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016