Warden Achievement Points Tree





Enhance: Root - Hastens the casting speed and reduces the resistibility of Root and its upgrades Dawnstrike - An alternative form of Dawnstrike which
executes a melee attack instead of a spell attack
Enhance: Resurrections - Increases the immediate health and power restored by your resurrection spells. Also increases all of the resurrection bonuses that follow the resurrection Enhance: Cure - Adds a small heal over time on a
successful cure
Enhance: Snare - Hastens the reuse speed and reduces the resistibility of Snare Icefall Strike - As an alternative to Icefall, you can use
Icefall Strike as a melee attack
Enhance: Regenerating Spores - Increases the triggers chance of
Regenerating Spores and its upgrades
Enhance: Cure II- Grants a small damage shield in a
successful cure
Enhance: Spirit of Wolf - Increases the movement speed and duration of Spirit of Wolf Frostbite Slice - As an alternative to Frostbite, you can use
Frostbite Slice as a melee attack
Enhance: Spirit of the Bat - Increases the power regeneration and agility provided by Spirit of the Bat and its upgrades Enhance: Cure III - when the target is below 30%
health, a successful cure will place an additional heal over time on them
Enhance: Willow Wisp - Improves the reuse speed of Willow
Wisp and its upgrades
Enhance: Warden of the Forest - Increases the mitigation provided by
Warden of the Forest and its upgrades
Enhance: Healing Grove - Hastens the reuse speed of
Healing Grove
Enhance: Cure Curse - Improves the casting time of Cure
Enhance: Undergrowth - Hastens the casting speed of Undergrowth and its upgrades Whirl of Permafrost - As an alternative to Winds of
Permafrost, Whirl of Permafrost can be used as a area effect melee attack
Enhance: Death Interventions - Hastens the reuse speed of Tunare's Watch and Nature's
Renewal spell lines
Enhance: Tranquility - Hastens the reuse speed of
Nature Walk - Grants the Warden's group immunity to Root and reduction to all movement speed penalties Force of Nature - Improves the damage of the Warden's
Reformation - Your death intervention spells (those that trigger when an ally would have died) gain an additional trigger after the first expires. Their healing effect is also increased by 30% Enhance: Verdant Whisper -  Verdant Whisper and its upgrades also
increase resistance to the damage types they cure. This resistance bonus
expires early if the target receives elemental or physical damage 3 times
      Shatter Infections - Any ally to drop below 50% health is cured of all hostile effects

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General, Priest and Druid lines.

Elemental Storm Improves the elemental mitigation reduction of
Frostbite and its upgrades
Allows the warden's ally to reduce the amount of
critical damage received when they are critically attacked.
Adds additional damage, critical chance and
critical multiplier to all of the warden's cold based spells.
Improves the ward and mitigation effects of Ward
of the Untamed and its upgrades.
The Nature's Embrace line of heals will heal and
critical for more.
Healing Winds The Healstorm line of heals will do additional
health over time and critical for more.
Glacial Assault The warden will gain additional weapon damage and
critically attack for more. In addition, melee attacks will do
additional cold damage. As a penalty, the warden will have increased
casting time for beneficial spells and heal for less.
Nature's Aura Nature's Aura empowers the warden with additional
healing and their heals will critical for more. In addition, the
recovery time of beneficial spells will be reduced. As a penalty,
hostile spells will have increased casting and reuse time and will do
less damage.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Frozen Limbs Adds a strength reduction component to the
Frostbite line of spells.
An innate effect triggered by melee attacks which
improves DPS and the base damage of combat arts.
Vitality of
the Great Bear
Increases the health granted by Essence of the
Great Bear and adds a block chance component.
Skin Like
Sylvan Bloom ill gain a small ward which protects
the warden's ally from physical attacks.
This ability improves the amount of healing done
by the Hierophantic Genesis line of spells while reducing power cost.
Primal Rage Adds an effect to the Instinct line of spells
which gives the target a chance to add or reduce their hate with their
current target on a successful melee or ranged attack.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016