It's FUN Being the Stuff
of Nightmares

You are the bane of human existence in the world of humans. You are the
Stuff of Nightmares, the Bringer of Doom. In each age there has been a
mighty clash between the forces of Chaos and Order, and it was you who
led the charge for the Chaos Gods. You don't remember who you were,
only who you are now. You are the Raven Eyed God's gifted, one of the
Chosen. Now the time has come once more and you must take up arms to
conquer the human race. Tzeentch has blessed you with many gifts, how
you choose them is up to you, but whatever Path of Mastery you take,
you will become an unstoppable force of Chaos. Come and explore the
different Career Mastery paths available to you as a Chaos Chosen!

The Chosen have been blessed by Tzeentch with several
dark gifts,
powers of Chaos which they can grasp and pull into this world through
their very bodies.  These powers pour forth from within their
massive armor, and spill out as profane auras.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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