Will You Master the

With movements so fast that it's hard for the eye to follow the
Swordmasters use clean, swift strikes with their swords to pave the way
through their enemies. For all the samurai like qualities they have
though, you may be wondering "Are those pointy helmets actually
comfortable?" but that's for another time. Today we're looking at how
the Swordmasters became so incredibly skilled. The answer is Career
Mastery of course! Come take a peek at the secrets of these incredibly
deadly tanks.

The Swordmaster fights with magical enchantments to
bolster the
strength of his attacks and is a deadly front-line warrior.
Surprisingly agile with his finely-crafted Elven Greatsword, the
Swordmaster is the vanguard of any Elf army.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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